Battleground Debate Reviews Are In – Romney Rout

Amy Kremer | October 6, 2012 

What a night!!!

Across the battleground states the reviews are in. Governor Romney won the debate because he laid out the clear choice and a clear plan for voters. President Obama was “defensive,” “perplexed,” “aggravated,” “irritated,” “flat-footed,” and “unprepared.”

Here are a couple of Twitter comments from opinion makers in some of the key battleground states:

Josh McElveen, WMUR (ABC-Manchester) Political Director, New Hampshire
“We have never seen @BarackObama on the defensive like this. Unprecedented. Wrong or right. @MittRomney is on the game he needed to be on.”
Dave Wedge, Boston Herald Political Reporter
“Obama looks like Rex Ryan against Belichick. Perplexed.”
Tom Fitzgerald, Philadelphia Inquirer Political Reporter, Pennsylvania
“Romney is puncturing the presidential bubble…”
Jim Heath, 10TV, Ohio
“Round One: Romney. Complete domination. It’s hard to prep an any incumbent for 1st debate. Obama has work to do.”
Adam Smith, Tampa Bay Times, Florida
“Two words for Obama @ next debate: Red Bull”

Romney’s home run in last night’s debate could not have come at a better time as just yesterday we told you about two new polls that show that the race has tightened and Romney and Obama are virtually TIED!  And that was BEFORE the debate.

National Journal = Romney: 47% vs. Obama: 47%                                                        

Rasmussen Reports =  Romney: 47%  vs.  Obama: 48%

All of this is amazing news.  Thanks to your generous support and our efforts on the “Winning for America” bus tour through key swing-states, together, we are making a HUGE difference.

With the monumental debate last night and a race that is in a dead-heat, we can’t let up now and need to push through.  Our efforts are going to make all the difference. 

A presidential candidate needs 270 electoral votes to win the election, so in most  elections, the race comes down to handful of key battleground states: those  toss-ups that are divided pretty evenly between Republicans and  Democrats and have lots of unpredictable independent voters.  It’s these  states that typically have been the wildcards in recent elections, the  one’s with the power to literally “swing” the outcome of a presidential  race, and that is why the Tea Party Express is campaigning so hard in these key states.
As in 2008, the biggest swing states this year are  Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Colorado and North Carolina. All of them chose  Obama in 2008, and current polls show him retaining a slim lead in most.  The individual outcomes, though, still remain very much up in the air and we are holding rallies, making phone calls and campaigning in all of them.  

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