Why Do Black Voters Tolerate Racist Democrats?

Gene Lalor | September 4, 2012 

Why do black voters tolerate racist Democrats such as Bill Clinton and Joe Biden? 

I have no idea.  Habit?

William Jefferson Blythe Clinton is scheduled to deliver the keynote speech at the Democrat National Convention on Wednesday. It’s doubtful America’s scandalized 42nd president will mention his impeachment or his Oral Office encounters with Monica Lewinsky any more than he will comment on his observation to the late Ted Kennedy that ”A few years ago, this guy [Obama] would have been carrying our bags.”

Say what? 

That racist observation might seem like a Republican smear of Clinton but it’s far from it.  It appeared in a 2008 article by Ryan Lizza in the arch-liberal NewYorker magazine outlining the Clinton camp’s vicious attacks on Obama during the dirty 2008 Democrat primary campaign. 

Fortuitously in time for the Charlotte convention, Lizza clarified Clinton’s words of just four years ago by telling  CNN’s Soledad O’Brien that “I don’t think it’s racial.  I don’t think Bill Clinton has a racist bone in his body.” 

Of course not !  Bull Connor and Elijah Muhammad never had a a racist in their bodies either so how could ”America’s first black president,” according to Toni Morrison, (a designation later retracted), a semi-progressive Democrat who was supported by the vast majority of African-American voters in 1992 and 1996, cast such a nasty racist aspersion on Obama? 

Picture Comparison of Joe Biden and Paul Ryan  For that matter, how could then-Democrat senator Joe Biden describe Obama in 2008 as “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy” and still be picked by Obama as his running mate?  Weren’t Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson articulate, bright, clean, nice-looking African-Americans when they ran for president, Mr. Biden?  

Isn’t it as racist to single out Obama as a somehow special African-American simply because he can speak well, is smart, bathes regularly, and doesn’t scare dogs and small kids by his looks as racist as Bubba saying Obama would be an obsequious hotel or airport baggage-handler “a few years ago”?

Maybe during those relatively few years a sea change occurred in the racist thinking of  the Democrat Party during which Dems refined their racism by electing an African-American as president rather than regarding Obama as exceptional since he’s smart, clean, etc. and the equivalent of one of those guys at airports who extort payments for labors a well-trained chimp could perform. 

obama bill clinton racist  According to BuzzFeed.com, as of Monday, Clinton is “the only major speaker” who hasn’t yet submitted his speech for “vetting,” i.e. approval, by the powers -that-be at the Democrat National Convention and those powers are more than a tad apprehensive over what Clinton will say in his address.  They must be well aware of the former president’s ”Slick Willy” reputation in Arkansas and may fear he will use his prime time address on national television to promote his wife’s 2016 campaign rather than Obama’s re-election bid.  

Those powers needn’t sweat too much in the Carolina heat. 

Democrats will bus in a sufficient number of  drugged-out college kids who think they’re going to Woodstock and slews of blacks who think they’re going to an MLK revival to stuff fill Charlotte’s Bank of America Stadium and make it seem the synthetic spirit of 2008 isn’t dead and buried and Bill Clinton will do his bit to serve his party in order to insure the DNC will do its damnedest to  put Hillary in the White House down the road and put him in the catbird seat as our first FMOTUS, First Man of the United States, where he can sit while an older and wiser Monica services him. 

That still leaves unanswered the central question of this article, why blacks tolerate and vote for racist Democrats such as Joe Biden and Bill Clinton.  On reconsideration, I do have an explanation aside from black  habits.  As with everyone else, African-Americans like to be entertained and who can provide more entertainment than a buffooonish vice president and a former prez who can’t keep his pants zipped? 

With America’s future in the balance on November 6th, those reasons are beyond lame but that’s politics for you.   

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