We need your help if we are going to change Washington D.C.

Amy Kremer | September 19, 2012 

“The only way to change Washington, is to change the people we send there”

Dear Loyal Supporters,

Those are the words of conservative U.S. Senate candidate Josh Mandel and we could not agree more and that is why we are fighting hard to send him there and retire ultra-liberal Sen. Sherrod Brown.

Sen. Sherrod Brown is indicative of all that is wrong with today’s politicians.  He is the epitome of the tax-and-spend mentality that has become so pervasive in our nation’s Capitol, especially among Democrats.  They have digressed into a legislative body bankrupt of ideas and a platform eroded by years of failed liberal policies and we are left holding the check.

Sen. Brown’s time in office has been void of accomplishments other than spending our hard earned money.

As Mandel points out, now is the time for us to replace Washington’s failures with common sense solutions!

To do this, Josh Mandel needs your immediate support as we are working hard to combat the influx of Washington D.C. money pouring into Ohio.  The old guard will stop at nothing to protect the status quo.


Close Obama ally US Senator Sherrod Brown needs to be replaced

Sherrod Brown is grossly out of touch with the citizens of Ohio and  Americans across the nation.  Brown has consistently voted for more   spending, like ObamaCare and the failed $800 billion stimulus, while  ignoring the nation’s $15 trillion debt and growing budget deficit.

The election in Ohio will likely determine the direction of our country and that is why we are asking for your support and to make a donation to our campaign to elect conservative military veteran Josh Mandel.  

The Democrats and the Obama campaign realize how important this campaign is and that is why they are throwing their full resources and war-chest against us.

We must match their intensity and resources!

We  need conservative legislators in Washington who understand the dire  fiscal situation of our nation and who are willing and able to fix it.   As State Treasurer, Josh Mandel was recognized for successfully  implementing conservative investment strategies and sharp management of  the state’s finances. While our nation under Obama’s leadership was  receiving a credit downgrade, Ohio received a credit upgrade thanks to  Mandel!

However, on top of getting our fiscal house in order, we must  implement policies that encourage economic growth. Mandel not only  campaigns as a conservative, he has the courage to legislate as one.  As a  city councilman, Mandel successfully led the charge for one of the  state’s only property tax rollbacks ever. He has been a proponent of oil  and gas exploration in Ohio that could create up to 200,000 new jobs  and has shown commitment to improving the business climate by cutting  taxes and letting taxpayers keep more of their hard-earned money.
Please show your support for Josh Mandel and help him beat liberal Sen. Sherrod Brown and help us take control of the Senate by donating $25, $50, $100, $500 or even more today.  Donate Here

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