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Amy Kremer | September 22, 2012 

Dear Friends,

We are over a week into our “Winning for America” national bus tour through key battleground states and we wanted to share some major endorsements of some great candidates that we are supporting in North Carolina.  These races are critical to maintaining control of the House of Representatives.

Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest tea party political action committee, has proudly announced its endorsements of Mark Meadows in North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District, Richard Hudson in North Carolina’s 8th Congressional District, and David Rouzer in North Carolina’s 7th Congressional District.
It is critical that support candidates with solid Tea Party beliefs and the courage to stick to their conservative principles once they go to Washington D.C.  We have found three such candidates here and ask you to make a contribution to support their campaigns. 
Mark Meadows is the strong conservative we need to represent North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District. Mark’s ‘I built this’ attitude and experience fighting burdensome regulations have prepared him to take on the job-killing regulations in Washington.
North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District candidate Mark Meadows at our endorsement press conference
Richard Hudson is a solid Tea Party candidate that we need representing North Carolina’s 8th Congressional District.  Richard’s vision for America is the Tea Party’s vision for America; he wants to restore the ladder of opportunity and the American Dream, while prohibiting the government from picking winners and losers.
North Carolina’s 8th Congressional District candidate Richard Hudson speaking to our crowd in the rain
David Rouzer is a fearless leader that we need representing North Carolina’s 7th Congressional District.  The current administration and liberal leadership in Congress have trampled the Constitution in order to progress their agenda. We believe Rouzer will lead the charge in reducing the size, cost, and intrusiveness of the federal government in accordance with our Constitution.
North Carolina’s 7th Congressional District candidate David Rouzer speaking to an energized North Carolina crowd as night falls

If you cannot make it to one of our rallies, please make a contribution to continue the fight in the key swing states by DONATING HERE.

President Obama and the Democrats are grossly out-of-touch with Americans and the economic struggles of our nation. However, we have a  chance to correct our path in November. This bus tour will focus on states and districts we need in order to gain control of Congress and  the White House. We want to engage and educate voters on the conservative solutions that will return our nation to a path towards  prosperity.
For the complete tour schedule, click here
Americans know there is another way. Conservative policies are   succeeding in states across the nation, while Obama and his  big-government ideas are failing in Washington DC.
With your support and by continuing to  involve and educate voters, another Tea Party tidal wave will sweep the  nation.
Your Support is Greatly Appreciated and Needed!

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