Two Big Reasons Why Medicare Is Not Good

J.J. Jackson | September 1, 2012 

“Shhh,” I’m told by my fellow “conservatives”.  They don’t want me attacking entitlement programs like Medicare and speaking the truth about them.  They say it will hurt Mitt Romney’s chances in November.  They opine about how we can’t target a program so many depend on.  What ever happened to their revulsion over the “kinder, gentler conservatism” (i.e. soft socialism) that they used to express is a mystery.

But I will not shut up.  I don’t care if it puts me at odds with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as they seek to unseat President Obama.  Truth, is truth.

And the truth is that there are two big reasons my Medicare is no good.  First, to make the promised payments to seniors it requires the wages of current workers to be garnished.  This is an anathema to anything that is considered to be just.  Current workers should not be punished because previous generations were gullible and believed government when it made grandiose promises to them.  Secondly, it is wrong because the federal government had no authority to make the promise in the first place.  Nope, sorry liberals, that’s the truth.  I know you don’t understand that the Constitution is a set of limited powers granted by we the people to the government.  I know you think that you and your fellow travelers can do whatever you like once you are in power.  Sadly, you cannot.  There is no wording in the Constitution that allowed the program in the first place.

Let old people be pissed at the truth if they want.  Let them flock to President Obama’s teat in November if they think there will be comfort there.  They will learn soon enough that, eventually, their faith in government charity will only be repaid by pain and suffering.  And the longer they insist on punishing others so that they can have what they think they are entitled to, the more pain and suffering they will endure when the crash comes.

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