Truth Tour arrives in North Carolina: What can small businesses do?

Cain Solutions Inc. | September 17, 2012 

The Job Creators Solutions Truth Tour featuring Herman Cain  stopped in North Carolina this past week with stops in Raleigh  and Charlotte.

One of the questions often raised on the tour is what small  business owners can do to spread the truth about the policies  that are bringing down our economy, and what can be done to turn  the situation around. That’s why JCS has released this video,  which offers some answers to that question. Click the image to  watch:

Video paid  for by Job Creators Action Fund

The 30-day, 30-city Truth Tour will continue through October. You can see the full schedule here. This week the tour arrives in Florida,  with three days of events as follows:

Each day’s events will also be followed by a college campus  event in the evening. The schedule of the College Truth Tour is here.

The Truth Tour is sponsored by Job Creators Solutions, an organization formed by Cain and  Bernie Marcus, the co-founder of The Home Depot.

In the age of QE3, get the book that shines the light of  truth on monetary manipulation
This past week,  the Federal Reserve announced yet another round of  “quantitative easing,” which is really just a fancy way of  saying they’re going to print more money and keep interest  rates artificially low.
This is a  terrible idea, of course, but to understand why, it helps to   read a clear and easy-to-understand explanation of U.S.  monetary policy – how it works, where it’s gone wrong and  how it’s harmed the nation’s economy. Herman Cain’s 9-9-9: An Army of Davids,  does just that.
And if you order the book now, we’ll  also send you a sharp-looking lapel pen with a torch Mr. Cain  designed for those of us fighting for replacement of the tax  code. It’s not a pin you can buy anywhere else, and we only  have a limited supply, so order today!

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