The Slippery Slope Toward Sodom (Part One)

Gene Lalor | September 17, 2012 

Along with “kick the can down the road” and “throw him under the bus”, the clichéd phrase “slippery slope” is often misused and overused.  What particular ”can”, “road”, “bus”, or “slope” are we talking about? 

Still, few expressions better capture the essence of what’s been going on in America over the course of the last few years than the image conjured up by the expression ”slippery slope”.  Apply some imagination and the term connotes the sense of an inexorable, national slide down from a majestic peak into a noisome swamp.  

Only those totally oblivious of reality would deny that our nation has been rapidly slipping, sliding, even plummeting from a variety of high and lofty pinnacles achieved over centuries into various treacherous political, cultural, and moral swamps.  Not the least of that slippage is our rapid descent into an immoral morass at the bottom of which is national oblivion. 

From the point of view of a layman and not a religious minister–and hardly a moralistic, moralizing layman at that–to deny the United States of America has radically changed in almost every way over the last four years is to deny the truth of your lying eyes.  To deny America is on the path to becoming a modern-day Sodom represents an excursion into a fool’s paradise of the worst order.     

Understandably, few of us think much about Genesis’  gory details of the obliteration of Sodom and Gomorrah, ancient cities  destroyed because of gross and grossly un-repentant sins against God and nature committed by their residents.  According to the Old Testament, Sodom and Gomorrah were reduced to ashes because they had become the quintessential antitheses of what the Almighty planned when He created our universe and our planet.

  By all Hebrew, Christian and Muslim accounts, fire and brimstone rained down on Sodom and Gomorrah reducing them to ashes and Lot’s wife was subsequently reduced to a pillar of salt.  The cities were universally populated by evil people  and Lot’s unfortunate wife became a human salt lick due to her insatiable curiosity.  

There are many degrees and types of evil and the specific nature of Sodomite evil is rarely detailed today since it’s politically incorrect to identify the precise cause of Sodom’s destruction as rampant homosexuality.  That cause is illustrated by this passage from Genesis 19:5: ”Then all the men of the city surrounded Lot’s house and said, ‘Where are the men who came to you tonight?  Bring them out to us so that we can have sex with them.’ “ 

Lot offered to give Sodom’s homosexuals his two virgin daughters instead, a very generous offer the mob furiously rejected and tried to break down his door to get at the male visitors inside.  What happened to those visitors is unclear but the Lot family fled and the rest is biblical history.  

However, back to the matter at hand, America’s dismal swamp where homosexuals and other deviants don’t need to break down doors to get at their prey.  Our culture has become so immersed in every variety of sexual depravity that the depraved need only advertise on Craig’s List or to find their victims. 

The homosexual rape and torture of 13 year old Jesse Dirkhising in 1999 is a prime example not only of depradation but of the media’s complicity in such evil by selective reporting which effectively condones the evil.  TIME magazine published an article back then that would never make it into MSM print today. 

“Why One Murder Makes Page One and Another Is Lost in the News Briefs” attempted to explain the extreme disparity between the widespread, national coverage of the heinous murder of a 21 year old gay man who was killed for his cash and for foolishly hitting on drunken louts in a Wyoming tavern and the far more horrific murder of an innocent 13 year old boy by two gay perverts who got off as much by sexually abusing and torturing him as they did by killing him. 

As a result of his death, Matthew Shepard became a cause célèbre, had a federal law named in his honor,  and became a homosexual icon; Jesse Dirkhising became a nonentity and was awarded a modest tombstone.  7202414_1045946425.jpg 

Anyone else think there’s something extremely awry there?

To its discredit and true to liberal form, TIME alleged Shepard died because of  anti-gay prejudice and Jesse died as a result of a much less grievous, generic “sex crime.” ( 

What a crock! 

Shepard was murdered not because he was proudly queer but because he had money that his inebriated murderers wanted and because he had made the grave mistake of getting horny with straight rednecks who would sooner get sexually involved with a rattlesnake than with a blazing homosexual.  Jesse Dirkhising was murdered because he was young, red meat for two homosexual perverts who should have been castrated in their mothers’ wombs. 

Never disregard the power and reach of the un-elected Fourth Estate. 

The MSM has changed history in the past and now, in conjunction with the entertainment industry, they are in process of doing so again.  The mainstream news media has been greasing the slippery, Sodom-slope for years by misreporting and not reporting thousands of violent crimes committed by gays while the entertainment industry is awash with gay characters and LGBT themes.

Compounding their complicity, the MSM often reports weirdly radical events and news as if they were perfectly normal. 

Kids headed to the pool at Camp Aranutiq in Connecticut.  Case in point, earlier this month the Boston Globe featured an article  and a photo on its website dealing with a Connecticut camp for ”transgender kids.”  A cutesy caption for the picture reads, “Only when you see tags around campers’ necks, with the words ‘(HE)’ or ‘(SHE)’ under their names, do you realize something’s different here. . . idle chatter on sports, music, school, and teenage crushes blends right in with talk about ‘coming out,’ ‘transitioning,’ puberty blockers–and bullying.”  

A more apt caption could be: “Camp Caters to Disturbed Future-Suicidal Children.”  Another thought: In the interests of full disclosure, maybe the sexual inclinations of reporters should be prominently displayed?  

  Over the last decade Hollywood and television have jumped into the normalizing-homosexuality, normalizing-LGBT, campaigns by producing movies and sitcoms depicting homosexuals as just your average, normal co-workers and neighbors.  During the last four years, television has virtually exploded with gay-LGBT programming, including many shows like “Glee” targeting kids.   

I doubt any American cities will literally be visited by fire and brimstone.  As of now, with the possible exception of San Francisco, there are far more than the minimum Sodom-standard of ten good, straight people in residence within most American cities.  I’m guessing our oblivion will be accomplished by our slipping into complacency toward the corruption surrounding us. 

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