The Polls Are A Lie – Here’s Why!

The Campaign To Defeat Barack Obama | September 27, 2012 

We’ve been telling you that the media polls are a total, absolute, complete lie.  And the evidence to prove this is out there in plain sight for everyone to see:  the media is deliberately using skewed polls that grossly oversample Democrats so they can then say “the race is over, Mitt Romney’s campaign is finished.”

They are doing this to depress conservatives with the hope that you will stop contributing to the campaign against Obama, that you won’t volunteer at the local Republican Victory Center, and that you’ll hopefully stay home on Election Day.  Don’t let the media get away with this shameful behavior!

The good people at have produced further evidence to show you the bias in the polling, again – being done to trick you into thinking Obama has already won.  Below is a review of the latest polls taken among Ohio voters.  Here’s what is fascinating:  over the past four years, Democrats have turned out more of their voters to the polls than Republicans by a 1% margin.  You read that right – just 1%.  Yet, as the team at just discovered, the polls being reported in the media showing Obama with this supposedly big lead do so only because they weighted the poll to have a 6%-10% Democrat turnout advantage:


Do you want to know what the truth is?  The truth is that the race in Ohio is a dead heat, and that’s why the media and the Obama campaign are working so hard to convince you not to contribute, volunteer and vote.

Don’t let them win!  We ask that you please make a contribution to The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.  You can contribute as little as $5 up to the maximum allowed contribution of $5,000.  Please, contribute online – HERE.

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