Tearing Down Another Ill Concieved Argument RE: Chevy Volt

J.J. Jackson | September 2, 2012 

No matter how many times I warn people, they still think they are smarter than they really are.  I get a lot of nonsensical emails from said people.  And, as usual, when I point out the truth about enviro weenie pipe dreams like the Chevy Volt, fools come out of the woodwork.  Today’s fool is Bryan Clifton.

Below is his “rebuttal” to my article about the Chevy Volt with the facts to correct him.

Bryan: “I am not a liberal and I do not like Obama. I have built an 80 Million dollar technology business with hard work and effort. With that said I have a Chevy Volt and love it.”

Unfortunately, Byran is in the vast minority here when it comes to the Chevy Volt. As for not being a “liberal”, well, as you will see, he argues like one throughout his email.  So that is up for debate.  As for him loving the Chevy Volt, well a few people actually like Limburger cheese too. But that doesn’t mean it is a popular choice.

Bryan: “Your facts are incorrect as GM is closing the plant to get ready for the new Impala. Since GM is selling about 2000.00 or so a month, the extra units are needed for a one month shut down. In Aug they will exceed more then 2500 units on pace for over 20,000 this year. Well ahead of the first full year of the Prius.”

My facts are incorrect? No, apparently Mr. Clifton’s reading comprehension is just bad. As I said in concluding my article, “GM will retool the plant currently making Volts to produce the gas powered/guzzling V6 2014 Chevy Impala …”

Let’s see what else I said that Mr. Clifton was apparently too dim to comprehend, shall we? “GM has 6,500 of the boondoggles just waiting to be purchased.” This comes from the article I sited on MSN Money. By simple math (based on his own sales numbers) that is a three month supply, not one month of extra units.

As for selling ” over 20,000 units this year as Mr. Clifton claims, the same article sites sales of the Volt at just 10,666. With 6,500 units in backlog, and the plant manufacturing them being retooled to make the Impala, that would only be 17,166 units this year. Add it the 2,500 they sold in August, assuming that they are not included in that 10,666 figure, then that brings us to 19,666. That is still short of the “pace for over 20,000 this year” Mr. Clifton claims.  I would also like to point out that the original estimate for sales of the Volt was over 40,000.  GM scrapped that number when it became apparent they weren’t going to even come near it.

As for the comparing Volt sale to the Prius, that is a straw man. Just because one thing that 99% of people don’t want does better than an something else 99% of people don’t want doesn’t make the former good.

Bryan: “This was not dreamed up by Obama as the car was conceived of long before Obama made his first bad decision. Even George Bush created the tax credits that are in use to spur the EV industry, not Obama.”

Again, reading comprehension is key here. But apparently Mr. Clifton was so flustered by the facts that he couldn’t even see straight.

I said, “The Chevy Volt was a car conceived by minds that think like President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid.” I never said that it was conceived of my President Obama. I know, I know, never let the facts stop people from spouting off though. As for President Bush, well, had Mr. Clifton done his research, something he seems adverse to doing, he would have seen that I regularly lambasted the former President for acting like a liberal

So his point would be what exactly?

Bryan: “You make our party weaker and ignorant by publishing this type of information.”

Ah, now we get to it. Bryan says he isn’t a liberal, yet he talks about “my party”. Note that he didn’t say “our party”.  So obviously he doesn’t think he belongs to the same party as I do. Of course, I’m a Republican. I’ve talked about why that is many times in the past.  But as anyone who reads my work knows, I am not a quite Republican and regularly tell my party when they are wrong and acting like liberals.

So, what party is Mr. Clifton’s? I don’t know. All I know is that, based on his comment, he is not a member of “my”party. He would have said “our party” if he was. Is he a Libertarian? Constitutional? Democrat? Socialist? Communist? Green? Unable to pick one?

Since he didn’t have anything bad to say about the government subsidies feeding the production of the car he loves, but rather defended the vehicle, Libertarian and Constitutional (as well as similar parties) would seem to be out of the equation.  I can only conjecture on that point.  But, as a small “l” libertarian and a small “c” constitutionalist myself, I can say that I would never write siomething in dedense of the Chevy Volt.  Why?  Because it is a car that only exists because of government largess and that is an abhorent thing.

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