Sick Liberal Puppies: Part Two

Gene Lalor | September 1, 2012 

(I should first apologize for the title of this 2-part series on liberals-leftists since it unintentionally demeans sick puppies by equating them with sick liberals and it’s common knowledge that sick pups are much nicer than most liberals-leftists.  However, I stand by my comparison of liberals to angry, snarling raccoons.)   

Part One of “Sick Liberal Puppies” referenced the racist defacement of Amy Love’s  Wikipedia page, Yahoo’s David Chalian’s racist observation that the Romneys party while Tropical Storm Isaac drowned black people, Samuel L. Jackson’s racist admission that he voted for Obama only because he was black and regrets that Isaac spared the GOP convention in Tampa from disaster, and Ellen Barkin’s tweeted death wishes for Republicans.  (

Various themes pervade those comments, the chief of which is a palpable, snarling hatred for themselves or others, an emotion at the foundation of liberalism although libs will never admit it.  Nor will the folks at Facebook and Twitter concede they harbor a fierce antipathy toward conservatives and Republican principles although they have become favorite vehicles for leftist-liberals to spew their sick venom. 

Facebook boasts of “community standards” forbiding users from “credibly (threatening) harm to others, or (organizing) acts of real-world violence” yet Facebook permitted ”Kill Mitt Romney” and “Kill Paul Ryan” pages and featured a “Kill Romney” page for 17 days before removing it. 

Assassinating Republicans is apparently not credibly threatening or sufficiently violent to the Facebook community. 

The much-delayed Facebook selective enforcement of its standards forced amateur liberal-leftist hate-mongers onto Twitter where they were free to post their pale but still vile imitations of the invective of professional leftist-liberal haters like Bill Maher, Ed Schultz, Chris Matthews, et al.

  For example, twisted lib twit “Gregory Martinez” tweeted, “I want to murder Ann Romney right now. NO PATRIOT ACT!!! #RNC”, “Ashley Miller” encouraged Mrs. Romney to commit suicide (“Ann Romney, go kill yourself”), a weirdo named ”Connor” raved, “Ann romney: Kill yourself”, and ”Jersey Omerta OO7″ inquired, “Why does Ann Romney act like an average mom? B**ch kill yourself, you had maids take care of your f***ing kids.” (

I know that those are random comments.  I also know those are the thoughts and hopes of people who fervently want Mr. Civility, Barack Hussein Obama, re-elected president, as does Code Pink Women for Peace, a group that on one occasion provided comic relief from the usual non-comedic liberal-leftist haters.

For those not aware, Code Pink is an extremist, pro-green, pro-Palestinian, anti-Republican, anti-American collection of bored, disenchanted women who stage protests worldwide mainly because they have nothing more constructive to do with their pathetic lives.   

Their disruptive tactics and tasteless publicity stunts have ranged from exhibiting coffins outside the Walter Reed Medical Center to making fools of themselves at the GOP Convention by futilely attempting to arrest Condi Rice for alleged war crimes and to interrupt Paul Ryan’s and Mitt Romney’s acceptance speeches.  

A companion group to the anarchic Occupy Wall Street crazies, Code Pink actually comes close to displaying even less class and civility than the Occupiers.  Paradoxically, therein lies the Code Pinkers’ only redeeming social value, its comic, if sick, relief.

It hasn’t been determined whether marching in the streets of Tampa as person-sized vaginas is harmful or scary to small dogs and young children but that Code Pink demonstration clearly does reach a new low for liberal-leftist sickos.   

Code Pink Vagina Stunt National GOP - H 2012  A number of male and female Code Pink protestors–yes, Code Pinkers do allow males and semi-males to join their protests–welcomed convention delegates to Tampa costumed as the female sexual organ.

Clad as not-very-realistic vaginas, the Code Pink demonstrators are evidently as committed to ending the lives of the pre-born as the most pro-abortion president in American history.  They proudly carried pro-abortion placards in Tampa warning one and all, “Hands Off My Vagina,” “Read My Lips, Leave My Vagina Alone.” (

From the looks of them, it’s doubtful Code Pinkers have any serious worries in that regard or that anyone would be even vaguely interested in seeing, let alone touching, any of their body parts.  However, it was vaguely satisfying to see such concrete evidence that the real War on Women is being conducted by liberal-leftist females who hold their own sex in such contempt that they would publicly display what decent females regard as private parts.  

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