Obama’s Chief Constituency

Gene Lalor | September 30, 2012 

  President Barack Hussein Obama has a number of powerful and loyal constituencies in his camp, ranging from white guilters to the homosexual lobby to food stampers to labor unions and to the Jewish lobby, all of whom–except for those belatedly suffering from white guilt and Jewish voters–have benefited greatly from Obama’s policies over the past 3 3/4 years. 

However, none of those voting blocs have been more faithful to the president than African-Americans most of whom still support him even though, like the white guilters and Jews, he has done nothing worthwhile for them.   Growing black unemployment and poverty rates to historic levels is hardly a plus.

The millions of whites who voted for Obama in 2008 out of a bizarre, misplaced guilt over slavery or because they felt it was time for a minority to rule the country have been rewarded with a blatantly racist administration and Jews who voted for him mainly because they have always voted Democrat have been rewarded with an overt antipathy toward Israel. 

Still, in a sad commentary on America’s electorate, it looks as if the majority of those two groups will cast their ballots for more of the same on November 6th.

I guess some people just enjoy being abused.

Even sadder is the case of African-Americans who by all accounts will vote for Obama based on the fact he is one of their own, sort of.

It’s doubtful the president will again win 95% of their vote but close to 90% is still a safe bet despite the 3,700 member Coalition of Black Pastors condemnation of his “evolved” position on same-sex marriage. 

Angry Samuel L Jackson. Toilet  Black actor Samuel L. Jackson, black Brooklyn rapper Jay-Z, an unidentified black woman protesting against Mitt Romney in Cleveland, even white entertainer Madonna all back Obama, Jackson and Jay-Z because he’s semi-black, the protestor because he gave her a free cell phone, and Madonna because she’s losing her marbles and believes “We have a black Muslim in the White House.”

Barack Hussein Obama may be a lot of things but to my knowledge he hasn’t joined crazy Louis Farrakhan’s crazier Nation of Islam as of September 30th, 2012. 

Maybe after November.

  Another known crazy, Sirius XM shock jock Howard Stern, occasionally meanders into shocking, political reality.  Last week, Stern dispatched his field crew, Sal and Richard, to Harlem to interview dozens of Obama’s black supporters on why they endorse the president’s re-election.

In a nutshell and without suggesting the interviews constituted a scientific survey, the respondents’ answers to admittedly-loaded questions were scary in their reflection of misinformed and uninformed ignorance. 

Most of the interviewees thought Obama would eventually find and kill Osama bin Laden; one believed Romney is a Muslim and Obama is a Mormon; another refused to think Obama made a mistake by picking Paul Ryan for vice president because Ryan is black, another thought Sen. John McCain was running although she was certain he would lose one more time.

In reaction to the content of the interviews, Stern’s co-host Robin Quivers observed, “Well, we’re obviously dealing with a whole [Harlem] population that doesn’t listen to the newscasts or read a newspaper.” (Hear the interviews here http://tinyurl.com/92mrvrf.)

Well, that may be a gross understatement, Ms. Quivers.

What “we’re obviously dealing with” based on the Stern interviews is a nationwide Obama constituency that for the most part is not only unaware of current events or their hero’s incompetence but nevertheless is committed to re-electing an abysmal failure to lead America for four more years because of the color of his skin, not because of the content of his character or because they understand what he stands for.   

Unfortunately, Abe Lincoln could have been prescient when he proposed that all “negroes” in America be returned to Africa since they could never be assimilated into American society.  Any group that blindly votes en masse for anyone, especially when they know virtually nothing about what their candidate believes and who he really is, don’t deserve to be called Americans let alone be allowed to vote. 

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One Response to “Obama’s Chief Constituency”

  1. Stuart Shepherd on October 1st, 2012 1:40 pm

    Mr. Lalor- I like you and your writings very much. You are extremely intelligent and well-informed and have informed me greatly. However, I am a little disturbed by your use of the word “negroes” in this piece. It seems gratuitous and, yes, racist. Lincoln was racist- it is well known. So was LBJ, the man who REALLY brought African-americans into the Democratic party through hand-outs. Your point is valid (and correct in my opinion) that people who vote blindly- essentially ALL democrats and many republicans- don’t really desrve the power of the vote, but did not need to be made with acquiesence to racist comments (by Lincoln or anyone else). I HATE racism- either white on black or black on white (which is more common, in my experience). It’s very, very ugly. Hate is ugly. Discernment is good. thank you- you are one of my favorite writers and will no doubt remain so.

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