Obama Strives to Hide Military Layoffs– Until After Election!

John Lillipop | September 29, 2012 

By John W. Lillpop

Barack Obama and the far-left extremists who support his reelection can usually be counted on to take dead aim at reducing military budgets and personnel in order to assure continued funding for important liberal causes like Planned Parenthood and the Sandra Fluke Fund for Contraception and Infanticide, as mandated by ObamaCare.

However, given that Barack Obama’s current term is up for renewal, or hopefully, revocation on November 6, the administration is treading more prudently when wielding the budget ax against those who defend and protect more than 300 million Americans.

As reported at the reference, that means the Obama crew has taken the highly irregular step of trying to delay the notices that, by law, defense contractors are required to issue to workers:

The Obama administration issued new guidance intended for defense contractors Friday afternoon, reiterating the administration’s position that the companies should not be issuing layoff notices over sequestration.

The Labor Department issued guidance in July saying it would be “inappropriate” for contractors to issue notices of potential layoffs tied to sequestration cuts. But a few contractors, most notably Lockheed Martin, said they still were considering whether to issue the notices — which would be sent out just days before the November election.

But the Friday guidance from the Office of Management and Budget raised the stakes in the dispute, telling contractors that they would be compensated for legal costs if layoffs occur due to contract cancellations under sequestration — but only if the contractors follow the Labor guidance.

The guidance said that if plant closings or mass layoffs occur under sequestration, then “employee compensation costs for [Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification] WARN act liability as determined by a court” would be paid for covered by the contracting federal agency.

Senate Republicans, who accused the White House of trying to hide job losses after the first guidance, said Friday that the new OMB statement “puts politics ahead of American workers.”

“The Obama Administration is cynically trying to skirt the WARN Act to keep the American people in the dark about this looming national security and fiscal crisis,” Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.), Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) said in a statement. “The president should insist that companies act in accordance with the clearly stated law and move forward with the layoff notices.”

How very typical of the most corrupt administration in history!  Tell contractors to ignore the law and promise that US taxpayers will foot the bill should legal  problems ensure!

Dam!  We must eradicate this lawless, immoral bunch of thieves ASAP.

The big question: Can we wait until November 6?

Defense contractors need to follow the law just like everyone else! And, if Barack Obama’s reelection prospects are dimmed by following the law, so what?


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One Response to “Obama Strives to Hide Military Layoffs– Until After Election!”

  1. Stuart Shepherd on September 30th, 2012 4:45 pm

    Not that I disagree, but I always call it “pre-infanticide” to make my point most acurately, because people almost always know what you’re referring to using that description.

    It’s all the same to the spoiled, vicious children liberals- a baby has to die for their “comfort” level or soldiers die for their “comfortable” (free!) lifestyle- makes no difference. They’re all insignificant to their narcissistic self-image and needs and wants!!

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