No Budget, No Pay

Guest | September 22, 2012 

I wanted to alert you to legislation in both the House and Senate that will hold our lawmakers accountable as America tries to reset after the worst economic recovery in our history. 

The “No Budget, No Pay Act” would require members of Congress to forgo pay for every day after October 1 that they don’t adopt a budget and pass all of its spending bills.  Once members approved a spending plan and appropriated the money, they would start receiving paychecks again but couldn’t collect any retroactive pay.  The premise is simple: don’t do your job and you don’t get paid.

Sounds logical enough to me.  When you are in the private sector, if you don’t do your job, you don’t get paid or worse you get fired.  We should expect the same from our elected officials.

Remarkably, Congress hasn’t passed a budget since 2009.  The United States faces its most serious financial crisis and Senate Democrats could not be bothered to write a budget because budgets force people to make choices.  This has to change.  

In the longer term we need a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution so the federal government has to balance its budget like our states do.  And in the short term we need a new law to start the process of fiscal reform today and the “No Budget, No Pay Act” is a good start.

Visit our website to sign a petition to support the “No Budget, No Pay Act.”  You can also obtain contact information for your  Senator and Member of Congress , and call or email them to tell them to vote for the “No Budget, No Pay Act” (S. 1981 and H.R. 3643).  We’ve developed a sample letter that you can personalize and send to your Member of Congress and Senator.

Americans develop a budget within their household.  We should be able to rely on our lawmakers to do the same for our nation.  This is a core constitutional and job responsibility.  

Please join with me today.

Thanks and God Bless,

Rick Santorum siganture

Rick Santorum

P.S. Our financial challenges are central to this year’s election, and I wrote an article on RedState that addresses these very issues. You can read it here.

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