National Poll: Inviting Obama To Dinner Sends Wrong Message

American Life League | September 20, 2012 

Washington, D.C. – American Life League Investigative News Report – The   ALL Report released additional   results of a nationwide survey recently commissioned by American Life League.   This telephone   survey of 900 self-identified Catholic   registered voters was conducted between August 15-19, 2012, and focused on Catholic   perspectives on the Church and nation.

According to the survey, 55    percent of Catholics believe Cardinal Dolan’s invitation of President Obama   to the Al Smith Dinner sends the wrong signal to Catholics.

Fifty-three percent of   Catholics think the dinner invitation gives the impression that President   Obama is viewed favorably by the Catholic Church.

And half of those   surveyed believe that an invitation from a Catholic cardinal to the president   is scandalous.

“The Catechism   of the Catholic Church defines scandal as ‘an attitude or behavior which    leads another to do evil.’ Inviting a person to attend a Catholic fundraising   dinner and that person accepting the invitation is not, of itself, a scandal,”   said Judie Brown, president of American Life League. “But the invitation to,   and the attendance of, a person who stands for something that is   intrinsically evil sends the wrong message-a message of either callous indifference   or support of such evil activities. Therefore, Obama’s presence at the dinner   is certainly scandalous, and will certainly serve to influence and/or confuse   Catholics on the Church’s teaching on evil acts.  With this in mind, again, we respectfully urge   His Eminence Cardinal Dolan to disinvite this president.”

The   American Life League poll was conducted by ccAdvertising, Centreville,   Virginia, which gives the margin of error as +/- 3 percent.

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