Liberal Poll Dancing

Gene Lalor | September 27, 2012 

Mark Twain’s famous line effectively equating ”lies, damned lies, and statistics” could have included “and political polls, too!”

Pole dancing isn't reserved  It’s doubtful either Mitt Romney or Barack Hussein Obama are much into “Sopranos”-style pole dancing but it’s sure as tootin’ that the Obama team and his media surrogates have been dancing around opinion polls as if they were maypoles and reveling in their ability to manipulate them like gyrating strippers while pretending they’re not campaigning for Obama’s re-election.  

The myriad polls this election season generally have Obama beating Romney by a few points, except for those reporting the governor beating the president by a few and others showing it’s pretty much a horse race.  We don’t hear about the latter two, however.

The obvious point is that opinions recorded six weeks before Election Day are about as meaningful and reliable as the promises Obama made in 2008 yet the polls showing he will win in November are interpreted  by the MSM as absolutely, indisputably accurate indicators of Obama’s victory. 

Polls can be and often are skewed by pollsters in order to arrive at their desired results, a ploy now being  used by liberals to persuade the electorate that the president is a shoo-in on November 6th to dissuade Republicans from even bothering to vote. 

If it were not such a momentous election, the recent poll indicating Obama is leading Romney by 49 to 42 percent among NASCAR enthusiasts could be seen as comical.

Now, granted Mitt probably has as little real interest as Barack in Richard Petty and Jeff Gordon but to  conclude that predominantly right wing  NASCAR aficionados favor by seven percentage points the radical Obama over the quasi-conservative, middle-of-the-roader Romney suggests the pollsters were on drugs, drunk, out to make a statement on the election, or all of the above. 

Dick Morris, a known toe-sucker but nevertheless an astute political analyst, capsulized the poll situation in his recent piece titled “Mitt Romney Pulls Ahead.” 

He wrote, “The published polling in this year’s presidential race is unusually inaccurate because this is the first election in which who votes determines how they vote.  Obama’s massive leads among blacks, Latinos, young people, and single women vie with Romney’s margin among the elderly, married white women, and white men.” 

Morris clarified that view by pointing out that ”most pollsters are using [deceptive] 2008 party preferences to weight their 2012 survey samples.”  (

Closely related to the underhanded tactic of twisting poll findings is the manipulation of the news by the liberal mainstreamers who have frequently been proven to be deeply and unethically ensconced in the Obama camp for at least five years.  

Not that it needed confirmation but CBS confirmed that bias on Sunday.

CBS relegated to the internet and didn’t televise Obama’s admission to Steve Kroft on “60 Minutes” that some of the president’s campaign ads contained factual errors, essentially because sheat happens.  

What?  Obama admits his campaign ads lie? 

Well, yes, and he’s a serial liar but CBS’ Sunday evening audience never heard the president inarticulately say, absent his trusty teleprompters, “Do we see sometimes us going overboard in our campaign, are there mistakes that are made, areas where there is no doubt somebody could dispute how we are presenting things?  You know, that happens in politics.”  ( 

It’s simply unacceptable that the public knows that the gaffe-prone Anointed One makes mistakes.  

Is Barack Obama Dumb? clueless  Obama’s numerous stupid statements which, if uttered by President George W. Bush would have been relentlessly ridiculed by Letterman and Leno, invariably escape media scrutiny but our scholar-commander in chief has said some of the dumbest things ever uttered by a president of the United States although they are rarely mentioned in the MSM and are never mentioned by his television lackeys. 

They would make for hilarious but unacceptably politically-incorrect humor. 

Among other riotous gaffes, Obama has said he doesn’t speak the Austrian language, he thinks Hawaii is in Asia, he doesn’t know St. Louis is not Kansas City, he believes “fallen heroes” listen intently to his speeches,  and, in a classic demonstration of abject ignorance, he claimed he had visited all 57 of the 58 states in the Union. (  

The only poll that counts is the one taken on November 6th and the only news stories of any consequence will be those written after Americans demonstrate they refuse to be duped twice, assuming all the nation’s votes aren’t tallied in Chicago and all the stories aren’t written by the staff of the New York Times.  In those unlikely scenarios, we’re doomed.

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