It is making the greatness of America history.

Carolyn Hileman | September 17, 2012 

It is making the greatness of America history.
Carolyn Hileman
On November 6, 2012 America will either take a big breathe of fresh air or it will choke under the burden of higher taxes, unconstitutional mandates and dissention. The American people are sick and tired of being told we must pay for something else we will never be allowed to use. As of right now, working Americans pay for other peoples children to get a higher education while having to tell their own, I am sorry you have to do it on your own. We are sick of paying for other people’s cell phones, cable and gas when we can hardly afford to buy gas to go to work and ground beef is a luxury item. We are sick of knowing our children can’t find work because most employers are waiting till November to hire because they have no idea what else they will have to pay for.

Well you got your history making president, you got to say you made history, and I hope you are proud. Because while you have been beaming, people were leaving jobs they had for years. While you were celebrating your victory, people where moving from homes that have been in their family for years because they could no longer afford to pay the monthly note. Yes, you made history, the most historic mess America has ever seen. Take a look around you, how many stores have closed, how many houses are vacant? Now, I want you to stop and think just how many families lives were destroyed by making history and then you decide will you be the voice of hope or continue to make history. Because this is truly making history, it is making the greatness of America history.

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