Have you forgotten God as well?

Carolyn Hileman | September 8, 2012 

Have you forgotten God as well?
Carolyn Hileman

It began when an elderly priest was dragged from the campus of Notre Dame for daring to pray outside while the President was speaking inside. It culminated in the forgotten word God in the democratic platform and the subsequent three votes that followed to put that one word in their platform, and boos, jeers and hands flailing in the air, because they announced that the word God would now be part of their platform.

Therein lies the difference between the two parties in this election, one has forgotten God and is angry because others think he deserves to be there even if it is only the words God given rights. The other, not only included him from the beginning, but celebrated the fact that he was in that very room with them. A very big difference I would say, an announcement of their true beliefs.

This is the party that is forcing the Catholic and other churches to provide abortions; this is the party who in the planning for their convention planned a two hour prayer service for Muslims, which was later cancelled due to pressure from the people. I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said democrat and Christian it is possible. That would be a Christian who supports abortion, same sex marriage and leaving God out of your platform until you are called on it and then throwing a fit because his name was forced on you, is that what you would really call a Christian?

I would say now is the time you need to decide who to follow, who stands for what you believe in your heart? This is not about who is leading either party, but then again I suppose it is. Have you forgotten God as well?

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