God, Cardinal Dolan, and Obama’s MSM

Gene Lalor | September 9, 2012 

Liberals Tweet Graphic Messages to Cardinal Dolan After DNC Prayer  If you missed the benediction offered by Cardinal Timothy Dolan at the end of the 2012 Democrat National Convention, you had plenty of company.  To say the least, television coverage of the bishop of the New York Archdiocese was spotty. 

The DNC was forced to invite Dolan since he is a highly influential bishop of the Catholic Church who had spoken at the GOP confab the previous week and Barack Hussein Obama desperately needs some Catholic votes in November, especially after his administration has declared Obamacare war against Catholics’ freedom to practice their religion. 

However, that grudging invite didn’t compel Obama’s mainstream media to afford Dolan any attention since to do so would undercut their commitment to his re-election at all costs.  The cardinal was allowed to speak to the thousands at the convention but that didn’t mean the president’s MSM would allow their audience of millions to listen.  

Fox News and C-SPAN were the only networks to cover the cardinal’s concluding prayer.  Viewers on ABC, CNN, and PBS could faintly hear his words and could barely see him in the distant background while their pundits analyzed Thursday night’s session in Charlotte and MSNBC, CBS, and NBC dutifully and totally ignored everything he said. 

The cardinal concluded his impassioned benediction by thanking the Almighty “for the great gift of our beloved country.  For we are indeed ‘one nation under God,’ and ‘in God we trust.’  So, dear God, bless America. You who live and reign forever and ever.  Amen!” 

During his brief prayer, Cardinal Dolan also touched upon other issues near and dear to the hearts of all true Christians, including the sanctity of all human life, protecting and saving the lives of the pre-born, and preserving the institution of traditional marriage, all issues far from the hearts and minds of Democrats at the DNC.

Along with the deity, those concepts had been roundly trashed at the convention which enthusiastically endorsed free abortion on demand, supported free  birth control for all the Sandra-Flukers out there who demand that the public pay for their condoms, and advocated for the right of everyone to marry anyone and everything they so desired.  

See and read the full transcript of Cardinal Dolan’s benediction that caused Obama’s MSM to avoid it like an AIDs epidemic at http://tiny.cc/dlyakw.  

The benediction lacked the drama of a former president who regarded the current president as a joke in 2008 when Bill Clinton declared that, ”A few years ago, this guy [Obama] would have been carrying our bags” and in 2012 praised him as the best thing to happen in America since he was in office. 

God: Hello! What is your name?  Dolan’s chief goal in the benediction was to remind Americans that we didn’t build this nation without God’s blessings and to remind Democrats that murdering pre-born babies and marrying people of the same sex were abominations in the sight of God and of most thinking human beings. 

Even if they couldn’t or wouldn’t grasp Cardinal Dolan’s concerns and reasoning, some Obamians apparently caught sufficient snippets of his address to  quickly post amazingly-illiberal, venomous tweets.

As LifeSiteNews put it, they “tweeted F-bombs” to the Catholic leader.  (Warning: If the reader is offended by graphic language, the reader should not try to understand leftists.) 

For example:

Liberals Tweet Graphic Messages to Cardinal Dolan After DNC PrayerLiberals Tweet Graphic Messages to Cardinal Dolan After DNC Prayer

Four years ago, foolish American voters cast a majority of their votes for a Democrat candidate few voters knew and fewer understood.  In 2012, most Americans understand who and what Barack Hussein Obama is and what he represents.  As a great African-American, Rep. Allen West, recently said, If America re-elects Obama we will get what we deserve. 

We deserve much better than a proven incompetent who may understand organizing communities but hasn’t a clue as to how to lead a nation.  We deserve much better than a politician committed to partial birth abortions and to mandating that babies who survive abortions die.   We deserve much better than an angry black man committed to his father’s Marxist “dreams.”  We deserve much better than a radical Saul-Alinskyite devoted to undermining the very system that made him president. 

We deserve much better than a media more concerned with promoting partisan politics than with journalistic ethics. 

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