Folks, the liberal media is lying!

Amy Kremer | September 20, 2012 

(The following message was written by Kay and Ron Rivoli of the Tea Party favorite performing group The Rivoli Revue.  The Rivoli Revue is currently performing on our “Winning for America” bus tour through battleground states)

Romney and Ryan 2012

The Tea Party Express VIII – Winning For America Tour just finished it’s  sixth day.  It has been a great start to the tour having held several  rallies in Florida, Georgia and covering the state of North Carolina.   The number of first time attendees at a Tea Party rally were surprising.   When talking to folks we were told they are coming out to show support and get informed.  They are trying to find out if the  liberal media is lying to them about the demise of the Tea Party.  We  assure them that “Yes, the media is lying!  The Tea Party is alive and  well.”

Several people mentioned to us that the media seems to be trying to make  them believe we have no hope.  Folks, the liberal media is lying.  They  are trying to make you feel defeated so you won’t bother going to the  polls to vote.  But there is hope and that hope is in Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.  The crowds have been overwhelmingly enthusiastic for Romney and Ryan.  We can win in November if you get out and vote!

Send a message that the Tea Party is alive and well by supporting our “Winning for America” bus tour through critical swing-states!

Crowds are energized and motivated to take back our White House and end the socialist agenda of Barack Obama.

We received an email from a friend just before starting the tour.  He  said “when you hit that stage hold nothing back.  For the sake of my  children and yours, hold nothing back.”  We have thought of those words  each time we have taken the stage and we have held nothing back.  So for  those of you still undecided, here are the facts.  If you are  thinking of not voting, then you are surrendering your vote to Obama.   If you are thinking of a write in vote or voting for a third party,  then you are voting for Obama.  NEVER has a Presidential candidate won  as a write in.  NEVER has a Presidential candidate been elected from a  third party. NEVER.  And it will not happen this election either.  If  you went to the polls during the primary and you voted your principles  then you did the right thing.  If your candidate didn’t win, then we’re  sorry.  In all honesty, ours didn’t win either.  But the primaries are  over.  The next President and Vice President of the United States will  be elected from one of the two major parties.  That’s the facts.  It  will either be Barack Obama and Joe Biden or Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.   Those are your choices.  At this point, you start from square one and  you look at your principles and you pick the candidates that stand  closest to what your values represent.  And here’s the hard truth – if  you think you’re going to skip out on voting, write in a vote, or vote  for a third party, then just go ahead and vote for Barack Obama.  Then  you can at least take responsibility for the collapse of our economy and  the loss of our nation if Obama is reelected.

As we listened tonight at the rally in Wilmington N.C. to the  gentlemen who spoke about escaping communism to come to this “great  country”, we were reminded of the importance of this election.  Folks,  our freedoms here are now at stake.  Make no mistake about it.  If you  believe in America and love this land your choice is clear.  Only one  choice will keep America’s future bright.   So Ron and I will proudly,  and without hesitation march to the polls in November and vote for  Freedom and Liberty.  We will vote for Faith and Integrity.  We will  vote for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  We will vote for  Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.
We must stand united to win in November.  Will you stand with us in  support of candidates who love America, will not apologize for being  exceptional, will support our military and will bring back our economy,  bring back jobs, save medicare and repeal Obamacare?  Please join us in  voting for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.
Please help to support our “Winning for America” bus tour and support the Romney/Ryan ticket and make a donation.

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