Fewer Troops Spells Danger for Troops in Afghanistan!

Move America Forward | September 21, 2012 

President Obama told our enemies in Afghanistan when we were going to leave. They’ve been so public about our ‘timetable’ of withdrawal that the even the Taliban know our strategy and plans. Now with 33,000 of the ‘surge’ troops being withdrawn, there will be less than 68,000 troops left in Afghanistan to fight the enemy.                                            

…Barack Obama’s drawdown of 33,000 U.S. troops by Sept. 30. The pullout — 10,000 last year and 23,000 more this year — will be finished within days. That will leave 68,000 American troops in this country to fight militants and help prepare Afghan forces to take over security nationwide.
The packing up is going on as the war still rages. Just since Friday, insurgents attacked a base in neighboring Helmand province, killing two U.S. Marines and destroying six Harrier fighter jets. Afghan police gunned down four more American service members.- ABC NEWS                                                         17 SEPTEMBER 2012

Don’t let our troops left behind FEEL left behind. We cannot just stop supporting our troops overseas because those 68,000 troops are still fighting! They’re going to have a much tougher job now to fight the terrorists with fewer troops on the ground to hep! 

LET OUR TROOPS KNOW WE WON’T FORGET THEM OR STOP SUPPORTING THEM!                                           


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