Duped Again

David L Lamon | September 22, 2012 


Duped Again

David L Lamon

The irony for the Democrats is once the one world government is established they won’t need them any longer and they will be cast aside to have their eyes opened and realize how they have betrayed their own loved ones. They will get nothing for their effort although they think now it is in their best interest to push the communist policies of Obama to propel themselves in power. Before you say it, I know Bill O’ Reilly and 99% of all pundits deny this man is a communist but all one has to do is look at his policies and the definitions of Socialism, Marxism and Communism to very plainly see the man is a Communist and as globalist Republican Henry Kissinger told us “Obama was primed to lead us into the New World Order”. “Was Primed”, what does that mean? Could it mean he was chosen by the globalists as the president of the United States and put into office by them?

I think it is obvious we don’t control the election process any longer in America. The Republicans through the “big tent” effort several years ago now have RINOS in charge of the party and they not us decide who our candidate is going to be by furnishing him with the necessary funds to throw an election and Romney is their man this time around. The other candidates couldn’t compete because they didn’t have the money to fight the onslaught of negative and distorted ads these reprobates put forth about them. As for the Democrats, they have for many years sold out America to the globalists with their socialist policy but there are so many people that vote Democrat because of the way they were brought up they just vote that way instead of paying attention to what is going on with their party. Stop and think, a man comes out of nowhere that nobody knows and wins the presidency. To this day, we don’t know who this man is because his records are sealed from public view but you know it just doesn’t seem to matter to over half the American electorate.

What we do know is his associations with Marxist such as Sal Alinsky author of “Rules for Radicals”, which presents the blue print for overthrowing our Republican form of government as well as Cloward and Pivens strategy for the same. We know he is an advocate for the policies as portrayed in these books and has implemented them unbeknownst to well over half the electorate. We know about his association with the Black Liberation Pastor” Jeremiah Wright who is a communist that Obama sat under for 20 years and several members of his branch of government who are avowed communist. Obama admitted to his associations with Marxist and even sought them out while in college. We know from the start of his administration he let us know about him when he referred to his chosen appointees as “czars” but despite this the electorate is still blinded by this man’s ambition. All it takes in America anymore is for a man to have a decent looking demeanor and eloquent speech to woo “we the people”.

No one that pays even half attention can doubt he has doubled down on expediting dependency on government in order to force the people to support him for their survival. This is how installing a communist system works. Throw in the main stream media’s effort to propagate him and his policies and billionaire communist George Soros who owns 85 media companies in America and they have according to all polls successfully duped the American electorate.

I don’t have any doubt if the contributions to his campaign went under a scope we would all be shocked by what we find. If you’ll recall, because there was so many contributions from Muslim countries overseas in dominations of figures just under the two hundred dollar limit that doesn’t have to be reported we would find that is the case once again. We also have billionaires in America such as George Soros, Peter Lewis and Bill Gates among other wealthy donors all of which support a one world government system.

Yep, the Democrats that had only their self-interest at heart will weep and howl once they discover their service is no longer needed. If you think maybe I am wrong think again because the bible teaches us the anti-Christ once on the scene will use the one world government church until he no longer needs it and will destroy it. See Revelation.

The only answer and not many are going to accept this is a major revolution to take place because it will mean suffering and hardship for a period. That means the people of this country getting involved on a major scaled and rebelling against the government. Our founding fathers recognized the necessity for this… When Shay’s Rebellion of farmers broke out in Massachusetts in 1786, Thomas Jefferson wrote to James Madison, “I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.”
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One Response to “Duped Again”

  1. Stuart Shepherd on September 23rd, 2012 8:52 pm

    Obama and his supporters use the tactic of lying SO much (basically every single word out of their mouths) that people almost HAVE to believe SOME of the things he says are true because nobody could be THAT big a liar- could they?!!!!! Could they?! Duped again!!!!

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