DNC Bigotry

Gene Lalor | September 7, 2012 

Political conventions almost by definition are forums for bluster, blowhards, and baloney and the 2012 Democrat National Convention was no exception.  Still, both on and off stage, the DNC featured such outrageous public exhibitions of religious bigotry and racist sentiment that it must be considered historic. 

Factor in Democrat confusions, contradictions, and double reverses and the Charlotte, North Carolina quadrennial event had to have set records, but for all the wrong reasons.   

Back when Democrats still acted like Americans, humorist Will Rogers famously said, “I am not a member of any organized political party.  I am a Democrat.” The disorganization and the disintegration of the former “party of the people” is showing more and more under the dubious tutelage of President Barack Hussein Obama.  

The DNC didn’t showcase a Clint Eastwood equivalent, unless you consider the haggard Bill Clinton comparable to the actor addressing an invisible Barack Hussein Obama’s empty chair at the Republican confab last week.  Or, unless you consider the bunches of empty suits and the Dems’ barely- averted humiliation of thousands of empty seats at the Bank of America Stadium as an Eastwood equivalent. 

The biggest DNC story was not aging Bubba’s stemwinder or the party’s cowardly retreat to a cozier venue but the shameless displays of religious and racial bigotry among the delegates.

  Notorious for being irreligious, the Democrats outdid themselves in their national platform when they deliberately deleted any reference to a deity. 

They made that omission more offensive after convention Chairman Villaraigosa was advised that eliminating God in the DNC platform would upset millions of voters.  He therefore perpetrated a gross  offense against democracy by overruling delegate voice votes against reinstating God.   

The majority of the party faithful thrice noisily demonstrated they wanted Dems to have nothing to do with any deity anymore than they wanted to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.    

See Villaraigosa trample on Democrat democracy and try to get the public to believe their ultra-secular party really believes in God: http://tiny.cc/09g8jw. 

Then, a prominent Jewish delegate made his religious bias perfectly clear.  

Democrats may be godlessly anti-Christian but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are all devoid of religion.   At the same time, some foolishly appear to want to stoke the growing European anti-Semitism in America.        

As background, in July of this year, Christian missionaries sent Israeli lawmaker Michael Ben-Ari a gratis copy of the New Testament.  Ben-Ari reportedly tore it to shreds, proudly distributed pictures of the shreding, and denounced the NT because “This despicable book galvanized the murder of millions of Jews during the Inquisition and during auto-da-fe instances.  This is an ugly missionary provocation by the church; this book and its senders should be in history’s trash can.”  (http://tiny.cc/8j76jw) 

Fast forward to Charlotte and the Jewish Palm Beach Democrat Chairman Mark Alan Siegel.   Siegel didn’t tear up the New Testament but did make comments that were almost as incendiary and anti-Christian as Mr. Ben-Ari’s.   

Patriot TV’s Scottie Hughes had approached Siegal since he was wearing a “Jews for Obama” pin.  Reasonably, Hughes asked Siegal about his support for Obama in view of the administration’s negative attitude and controversial policies toward Israel.   

Siegal’s response: “I’m Jewish, I’m not a fan of any other religion than Judaism. The worst possible allies for the Jewish state are the fundamentalist Christians who want Jews to die and convert so they can bring on the second coming of their Lord.”  (http://tiny.cc/0i86jw) 

Good grief!  It seems that at least one Jewish DNC conventioner is on the same bigoted anti-Christian page as Michael Ben-Ari. 

It seems, too, that Siegel was out of tune with Michelle Obama’s Tuesday warm, fuzzy, and phony love theme in which she imitated her self-obsessed hubby by using “I” or “me” no less than 83 times and never once revealed whether she’s still proud of our country.   

It also seems that America’s semi-black commander-in-chief’s message of a race-neutral, new America has fallen on deaf, black ears at the DNC. 

That message was fraudulent anyway as Obama and racist lackeys in his administration such as Attorney General Eric Holder have often demonstrated.  

A convention-goer stands on the convention floor on the first day of Democratic National Convention in Charlotte  A black delegate at the Democrat gathering made his racism evident by displaying a popular convention button that read, “Once You Vote Black You Never Go Back  Vote Obama.” 

A variation on the black sexual notion that “Once you go black you never go back,” the button raises the issue of why anyone, black or white, would display such a racially-charged statement at a presidential convention and suggests the wearer is either a race agitator like so many other Obamian supporters–or just plain stupid.

There were any number of other less-than-uplifting moments at the Democrat 2012 Convention. 

Freak Out Moment Of The Democratic Convention: Woman Screams Mitt Romney, I Want To Kill Him!  Those moments included delegate Julia Rodriquez telling a reporter, “Romney will destroy this country completely” and screaming, “If I see him, I would like to kill him!” the endorsement of taxpayer-funded infanticide, and my favorite, an incredibly Orwellian video titled, “The Government Is the Only Thing We All Belong To.”  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gLa9Te8Blw)  

And, oh yeah, last night Barack Hussein Obama gave a campaign speech.  Time, space, and my interest  limitations dictate that I refer the reader to the president’s mainstream media for the transcript of his lying blatherings. 

November 6th isn’t merely Election Day.  It’s the day when Americans will decide whether we prefer four more years of racial and religious hatred, of indiscriminate baby-killing, and Big Brother Barack and his radical flunkies determining America’s future or whether America will survive and thrive as a free  republic.  Based on recent history, the prospects of the USA surviving and thriving are minimal at best.


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