Clinton a Great President or Was He?

David L Lamon | September 8, 2012 


Clinton a Great President or Was He?

David L Lamon

How soon we forget! Clinton gets the credit for a balanced budget but the truth is he fought it tooth and nail. He fought it to the point of the government shutdown if you’ll recall. Of course, the media blamed the Republicans because they stood pat and forced Clinton in the balanced budget. So tell it like it is not the way the media lied about the situation. I can understand the media not telling the truth but what I can’t understand is why “we the people” will not tell the truth about Clinton and Obama. Are we so easily manipulated by the media? I reckon if those that rely only on CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN or MSNBC entirely for their news the answer would have to be a yes.

Does the following statement have merit in telling “we the people” what we are… Paul Watson—Co-founder of Greenpeace, It doesn’t matter what is true; it only matters what people believe is true….You are what the media define you to be. Or how about this statement by Benjamin Crowninshield Bradlee—Former Executive Editor Washington Post: To hell with the news, I’m no longer interested in news I’m interested in causes. We don’t print the truth we don’t pretend to print the truth.

I could go on and on with these kinds of documented statements from the big wigs in the media but I think you get the jest of it. The question still remains though, are we but pawns of the media being led around like lambs to the slaughter? Is it wise to place the future of yourself and your loved ones based on deceptively well crafted “sound bites” or should we use our access to the news on the Internet to get at the truths of the matter at hand?

Clinton and his wife are communist through and through. Don’t forget Hillary publicly praised Walter Cronkite for declaring America must give up her sovereignty and become one with the one world government. She also publicly declared…“Extremists are those individuals (conservatives) who insist on clinging to the Founding Fathers vision of America”. And don’t forget where Clinton was during the Vietnam War, which is in Russia waving their flag in protest against America being involved in setting people free from tyranny in South Vietnam. The Soviets were providing armament to the North Vietnamese and advisers along with the China who now has our middle class paying manufacturing jobs.

This was being done while our sons and daughters were dying, yet Clinton became president and now we have communist number two in the White House but no one wants to call a spade a spade and all one has to do is look at his policy and associations plus look up the words Marxist, Socialist and Communist to see they all lead to tyranny and are used interchangeably. As for Obama he can take the Marxist Dreams “From” his father and peddle that garbage to some other unsuspecting country because I ain’t buying. One point that needs to be made lies in the fact Obama made incorrect remarks all during his campaign against Hillary for the presidency and much resentment ensued but just as Pilate and Herod who hated one another when it came to their ideology they stood toe to toe to defeat what is right.

It’s His Fault

We are suffering today from Clinton’s policies if blaming someone else is in order. Look what NAFTA and the Community Reinvestment Act and further strengthened by the Dodd/Frank law has left us to deal with today. These were Clinton’s policy initiatives. NAFTA sent our middle class paying manufacturing jobs overseas to a communist nation China. The Community Reinvestment Act has produced the mortgage fiasco via Fannie and Freddie and the resulting derivatives scams.

The truth is no one did anything to reverse the damage; all the politicians can muster up is to blame someone else. That is why I say “fire all incumbents” Republicans, Democrats and for heaven’s sake the Socialists.

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