Attacks Show Obama was Unprepared, Weak, says Pro-Troop Group

Move America Forward | September 14, 2012 

Sacramento, Calif. – The pro-troop group Move America Forward, which supports American troops overseas and their missions in the war on terror, said that the disturbing protests and attacks on American installations and personnel in Egypt and Libya showed that the Obama administration was unprepared for possible attacks or plots related to the anniversary of 9/11 and is perceived as a weak Commander in Chief.

“I think the boldness and severity of the attacks, as well as the weakness of the President’s response showed that he and his administration were caught completely off-guard and unprepared for the protests and attacks over the last few days,” says Communications Director Danny Gonzalez.

“With the anniversary of 9/11 just yesterday, the Obama Administration had to have known that they needed extra security for all diplomatic missions in the Middle East, especially places like Egypt and Libya where the local police force and rule of law has decayed with the ousting of their previous governments.” said Gonzalez, who went on to criticize the administration’s unpreparedness.

The group also pointed to the official White House Calendar, which showed no public record of President Obama attending a daily intelligence briefing since September 5th, as further evidence that the administration is not taking foreign policy or national security seriously. Hostile foreign regimes and terrorist groups around the globe have picked up on his nonchalant attitude and have displayed a pattern of further testing his commitment to American nation security.

“Because they were unprepared, and unsupported by the timid and fearful Obama administration, we allowed Egyptian protesters to scale the walls of our embassy and rip down our flag. The nation’s pride and honor was attacked at a US Embassy, which is supposed to be considered sacred American soil and it should have been defended as such. Instead, the Obama administration allowed it to be overtaken and then issued an apology to the lawless belligerents who attacked us. It’s shameful.”

“Our hearts and prayers go out to the families of Ambassador Chris Stevens and the other American diplomats who were killed in Libya. If only proper precautions had been taken, their tragic deaths might have been avoided, and it’s very sad that dedicated Americans were made to suffer this tragic loss because the President and his administration were so unprepared and failed to take seriously the job of protecting American interests in the Middle East.”


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