When You Ain’t Got Anything, Just Lie

J.J. Jackson | August 23, 2012 

Most politicians lie when they can’t come up  with a convincing argument.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz, like so many on the left, has turned the tactic into an artform.

For example, look at her claim that it is established tradition for Presidential candidates to release twelve years of tax returns while she and her comrades fish for something on Mitt Romney.  She also flippantly claims that Romney is the first in recent history to not do so.  The claim is patently false, as Politifact points out:

There are several examples of major party candidates for president in modern times who released fewer than 12 tax returns. And those examples have been highlighted in recent news articles. Wasserman Schultz’s claim is not correct, and we rate the statement False.

In fact, her fellow traveler, Barrack Obama, only released 7 years worth in 2008.  There is no way she couldn’t have known this, and there is no way that after the first time this claim was uttered the White House wouldn’t have told her to correct herself.  That is, unless their policy is ton lie, and lie often.

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