USMC Shooting Team: A Bond Like Brothers

Carl | August 7, 2012 

QUANTICO, Va. — Marines are taught from the moment they step on the yellow footprints the values of honor, courage and commitment. These are cherished and taught to all Marines before they are able to earn the title, Marine. Marines aren’t just taught honor, courage and commitment for their Corps or their country, but more importantly for the Marines who are standing beside them.

The Quantico Shooting Team is a small unit aboard Quantico that gets to see the dedication and devotion their Marines have for each other. From 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., they are together and training, and when they are on the road traveling to tournaments and competitions, they spend 24 hours together, many times in a squad bay.

“Our wives get jealous with how much time we spend together,” said Capt. Nick J. Roberge. “It’s an ongoing joke that everyone here has work wives.”

The pistols teams’ staff non-commissioned officer in charge, Staff Sgt. Timothy J. Hall, joked that there is always a little brother/big brother dynamic, especially when teammates argue.

“Most of the team has been here together for three years,” said Hall. “All of the wives hang out while we are traveling. They are able to be each other’s support systems and completely understand what each other are going through.”

Knowing each other comes to a great advantage said Hall.

“We know each other so well, we know we can rely on everyone,” said Hall. “We know everyone is aware of their responsibilities and we know they are going to get the job done.”

Building camaraderie isn’t the only thing the team does each day. Each Marine has responsibilities, many that are normally saved for a higher pay grade.

“We have corporals in charge of our armory,” Hall said. “That Marine is solely responsible for all of those weapons and their accountability. Both the pistol and the shooting team are able to handle public speaking as well.”

The Marines on the shooting team have had the same responsibilities for the last two years. They know what they need to do and they get it done before you even ask them. It’s not just because they know their job, or even because the people in charge of them know their job and are making sure they do it. They have a purpose and a want to be here and accomplish the mission.


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