US GENERAL: “Acts of Intentional Mass Murder”

Move America Forward | August 17, 2012 

Yesterday’s terrorists bombings and attacks by the Taliban and Al Qaeda continued today, although not as strongly as yesterday’s attacks that killed at least 50 innocent people (up from initial reports that only estimated 38 killed) and injuring over 100 civilians.    
The attacks yesterday that left so many dead also made Tuesday the most deadly day in all of 2012 in the Afghan war. At least 15 more people were injured in more attacks today, it is not known if any of the victims died.    
Our troops are fighting an enemy who will not stop! They want to spread their radical view of Islam around the world and destroy our country and our way of life. Send a care package of support to our brave troops fighting the terrorists!
Nearly two dozen Afghan civilians were wounded on Wednesday when two grenades exploded inside a mosque compound and a bicycle bomb blew up in a city market, officials said.

The violence came a day after bomb blasts around Afghanistan killed at least 50 people in the deadliest day for civilians this year, as Taliban insurgents and other militants ramp up violence across the country.

Bombings mark Afghans’ deadliest day for 2012


The Taliban summer offensive coincides with Afghan police and soldiers taking on more responsibility for security while international forces start to withdraw.

Separately, NATO reported that one of its service members was killed Wednesday in an insurgent attack in the east. NATO did not disclose the nationality of the soldier or provide any more details. So far this year, 285 international troops have been killed in Afghanistan.

At least nine worshippers were wounded when the grenades exploded during morning prayers at a mosque in Baghi Sara area, Khost police chief Sardar Mohammad Zazai said. One exploded inside the mosque and the other went off in a courtyard outside. The third failed to detonate.


Zazai blamed Taliban insurgents for the attack.

“This was the work of the enemy,” he said. “It cannot be a private dispute. Why would anyone be so angry to throw grenades in a mosque while people are praying?”

He said many of the worshippers were Afghans who work at the nearby U.S. post, Forward Operating Base Salerno.

 U.S. Troops are the best trained and best equipped fighting force in the world, and they are the only ones capable of keeping the Taliban at bay and stopping incursions like these.
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