Truth Tour 2012 kicks off September 5

Cain Solutions Inc. | August 14, 2012 

September   will be here in just a few weeks, and with it the start of The  Truth Tour – Herman Cain’s just-announced, cross-country  campaign to equip Americans with the facts that will help decide  this nation’s future.

This aggressive 30-day, 30-city schedule of events kicks off on  September 5 in Iowa City. The Truth Tour is sponsored by Job Creators Solutions, an organization formed by Cain and  Bernie Marcus, the co-founder of The Home Depot.

“Bernie Marcus  and I both know first-hand how important it is to have the facts  when making business decisions,” Cain said. “We also know it is  just as important for Americans to have the facts when making  decisions that will impact our communities, businesses and our  nation. This is why I’m proud to join forces with Bernie for The  Truth Tour.” Each stop on the 30 city, 13-state tour will include a  morning event for faith-based and community leaders, followed by  a lunch event for job creators and business leaders, then an  evening college and community event. The full schedule of events  can be found here.
“I know I will be absolutely worn out at the end of this tour,”  Cain remarked. “But I will not rest until I feel I’ve done my  best to get the right information to as many Americans as  possible. We are at too critical a juncture in our nation’s  history to simply sit back and do nothing. This may be our best  and only shot to steer our country in the right direction.”

Three more days  to hear Cain guest-host Boortz
If   you enjoyed hearing Herman Cain guest-host the Neal Boortz  Show this past week, we have good news. Mr. Cain will  continue to fill in for Neal Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday  of this coming week.
Of course, this  is all a preview of what’s coming in January, when Cain  takes over permanently for the retiring Boortz, and the  Herman Cain Show debuts. Last week, Cain and his listeners  looked at various crises facing this nation – and how to  solve them! What is in store for this week? Tune in and find  out!
Cain to campaign  in Wisconsin on Sunday with Tommy Thompson
Fresh   off an official endorsement, Herman Cain will campaign on  Sunday, August 12, with Wisconsin U.S. Senate candidate  Tommy Thompson.
Cain and Thompson  will appear together Sunday at a volunteer rally. Thompson  leads the polls in advance of the August 14 primary.
“Herman Cain’s experience   and passion for our country is without parallel, and I’m  honored to have his endorsement,” Thompson said. “Herman  helped fuel the Tea Party movement and is unafraid of  standing up to the status quo with bold solutions to this  country’s many deep problems. I’m deeply appreciative of his  support.”
9-9-9 The Book:  Wouldn’t it make Democrats happy if everyone paid taxes?
Like   most election years, we’re being subjected to a lot of  nonsense from Democrats about who did or didn’t pay enough  taxes. Obviously, to a Democrat, any dollar earned and not  paid to the U.S. Treasury is a scandal.
But you know what  would just about guarantee that everyone would pay their  taxes? Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan! By eliminating exemptions  and deductions, and spreading the tax burden across personal  income, business revenue and retail sales – everyone would  be guaranteed to be part of the tax base! You’d think  Democrats would love this, but maybe they just haven’t read  the book. So here’s how you can help a Democrat friend to  sleep better tonight: Buy him or her a copy of 9-9-9: An Army of Davids.   It offers the most fact-based, comprehensive look at  America’s tax structure – and how to fix it – that you will  find on the market today.
And if that  doesn’t get them to relax – hey, we tried. Get 9-9-9: An Army of Davids! If you order the book now, we’ll  also send you a sharp-looking lapel pen with a torch Mr. Cain  designed for those of us fighting for replacement of the tax  code. It’s not a pin you can buy anywhere else, and we only  have a limited supply, so order today!

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