Tragic Helo Crash: 7 US Troops Dead

Move America Forward | August 18, 2012 


We always hate seeing bad news that includes loss of life of our brave and valiant troops overseas. It’s a continuation of the disturbing trend that’s starting to make August look like the worst month of the war this year.

Tuesday marked the deadliest day of the year when coordinated suicide bombings and attacks around the region left at least 50 dead and over 100 wounded, all of them innocent civilians and children. Yesterday the attacks continued when a “bike bomb” at a mosque injured another 15 people.

Today we have more sad news as we have learned that a helicopter carrying NATO troops went down in Afghanistan, killing 7 U.S. service members. It is currently undetermined whether the chopper went down due to some error or equipment malfunction or because of enemy action.

In troubling times like these, especially when tragedies like this, and setbacks occur, our troops need our help and reassurance more than ever. They need to know that we have their backs! Please send a care package today and show your support for our men and women serving over in Afghanistan

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A Black Hawk helicopter has   crashed in a restive corner of southern Afghanistan, killing seven US   soldiers and four Afghans, the Nato-led coalition said.A Taliban spokesman said they had downed the helicopter over southern   Kandahar province, using a rocket-propelled grenade.

Although the group are quick to claim crashes caused by mechanical problems   as successful hits by their fighters, they have brought down some Nato   helicopters, including one two months ago in eastern Ghazni province.

In Kabul, Nato said only that it was investigating the cause of the crash and   it was too early to say whether it was due to enemy fire or a fault with the   aircraft.

It landed so hard that it was completely destroyed, Pentagon officials said.   Everyone on board was killed, Nato said.


U.S. Troops are the best trained and best equipped fighting force in the world, and they are the only ones capable of keeping the Taliban at bay and stopping incursions like these.

Help our troops by sending a care package of support full of goodies that will boost morale and provide some much needed food and personal care items!

Each package includes delicious goodies like gourmet coffee, cookies, beef jerky, trail mix, and Gatorade, as well as helpful personal items like eye drops, deodorant, wet wipes, and most important of all, a note from YOU!

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