Terrorists Kill 38, Wound 100 in Suicide Bombing

Move America Forward | August 16, 2012 

Attacks by radical Islamist Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters today are a stark reminder that our troops are fighting terrorists who are truly deranged and care nothing for the lives of innocents.

Our troops are fighting an enemy who will stop at nothing to accomplish their goals, spread their radical view of Islam around the world and destroy our country and our way of life that they despise so much.

But our troops are standing in their way! Send a care package of support to our brave troops serving overseas and help put a stop to the terrorists and their plots to kill Americans and our allies.
Islamist suicide bombers targeted markets crowded with Ramadan shoppers and a major provincial hospital in Afghanistan on Tuesday, killing at least 38 people and wounding close to 100.
The bloodshed underscored a surge in fighting ahead of a withdrawal by most Western combat troops and handover to Afghan forces winding up in 2014. NATO-led forces have been struggling to eliminate Taliban insurgent bastions, especially in the east.
Suicide bombings in markets in the southwest province of Nimroz killed at least 28 people – 18 of them civilians and three policemen – and wounded over 70, police said, in the deadliest day of violence in the normally peaceful region since 2001.
Women and children and at least three members of the Afghan security forces were among the dead in Zaranj, the capital of the largely rural province, which lies on Afghanistan’s western border with Iran.

Another bomber blew himself up in front of Zaranj hospital, while two others detonated explosive vests in other areas of the city, killing mostly civilians, President Hamid Karzai’s office said in a statement.
The toll in Zaranj was expected to rise, provincial governor Abdul Karim Barahawi said. “The attackers blew themselves up in crowded markets to target civilians. There was no government installation nearby,” Barahawi said.
Another 10 civilians were killed and 28 injured when a bomb went off in a bazaar in Dashte Archi district in the northern province of Kunduz, district Governor Sheikh Sadruddin said.

- Reuters 08/14/2012
U.S. Troops are the best trained and best equipped fighting force in the world, and they are the only ones capable of keeping the Taliban at bay and stopping incursions like these.

Help our troops by sending a care package of support full of goodies that will boost morale and provide some much needed food and personal care items!

Each package includes delicious goodies like gourmet coffee, cookies, beef jerky, trail mix, and Gatorade, as well as helpful personal items like eye drops, deodorant, wet wipes, and most important of all, a note from YOU!

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