Politco’s Full Court Press to Destroy Paul Ryan

Warner Todd Huston | August 23, 2012 

Politico seems to have decided where it stands on Paul Ryan. On its main page on the afternoon of August 15, the news site seemed to carry a single message: Paul Ryan is a bad, bad man and Romney made a big mistake picking him as his wingman.

Ryan is slammed in a dozen stories on Politico’s main page. He’s either personally bad, reflects badly on Romney, or he makes his Party look bad. In fact, on this day there was only one sort of positive story about Paul Ryan that appears on Politico’s main page.

One story even ridicules him for having appeared too many times on the campaign trail dressed almost the same as Mitt Romney. Seriously. Politico is even now trying to attack Romney and Ryan over how they dress!

Here is a listing of the Ryan is bad stories:

And the Positive Ryan Stories:

On the purported positive story, note that the headline goes out of its way to call the polling bump “small” as if it is inconsequential? Yeah, we don’t want people excited that Romney/Ryan got a bump in the polls, do we?

So, Politico has decided. Paul Ryan brings nothing good to the ticket and there just isn’t a single thing out there to report that puts him in a positive light. Imagine that?

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