Lost Hope and Found Chains

Gene Lalor | August 20, 2012 

obama divider(Via Hope n’ Change, on a tip from Shawn on Moonbattery.com) 

When President Barack Hussein Obama said with a straight face on “Entertainment Tonight” that ”I don’t think you or anybody who’s been watching the campaign would say that in any way we have tried to divide the country. We’ve always tried to bring the country together,” no one dared snicker and no one dared label him the lying hypocrite he is. 

Someone should have.  He was speaking in a fitting venue, entertainment, but he wasn’t remotely entertaining except to his diehard idolators who still think his every word emanates from an Anointed One.

-image-hope-and-change.jpg  In 2008, Barack Hussein Obama sold his candidacy to 52.9% of the electorate based on the designedly vague  rhetoric of bringing hope to a war-weary, financially shell-shocked nation and he offered a blurry pledge to effect transparent, presumably beneficial changes Americans could believe in. 

Four years later, with wars still raging in Afghanistan and in various other Mideast countries, with armed conflict on the cusp of erupting in others, and with an economy barely marginally improved, many of us have far less hope that this president can accomplish meaningful and worthwhile change over the course of a second term. 

In fact, many of us believe government brought about the banking crisis by pressuring lending institutions to loan mortgage money to deadbeats who thought payback was optional and that, unlike Obama, thought government was the problem, not the solution.  Many of us also believed, unlike Obama, that the United States of America was and is a damned great country in need of at most minor tweaking rather than radical alteration.        

Hope-and-Change-Reagan.jpg  Not unexpectedly, what we got was more intrusive government, billions in phenomenal misspending, trillions  tacked onto our national debt which will impoverish our children and grandchildren, wildly imbalanced annual budgets, a first-ever downgrading of the nation’s credit rating, unprecedented and  dangerous changes in medical coverage, and less transparency than Tricky Dick Nixon could have ever envisioned.    

In all fairness, however, and despite the questionable merits of Obama’s “achievements”, let’s give the devil his due.  Obama has accomplished many of his unstated goals: 

.  The president has succeeded in dividing the nation like it hasn’t been divided since the 1860′s and he continues to pit race against race and class against class with his campaign of divisiveness as if his political future depends on it, which it does;

.  The president has demonized the peaceful, law-abiding tea party movement while lauding the destructive, lawless Occupy Everything crazies who represent everything law-abiding people abhor;

.  The president has created the illiberal perception that the FNC distorts news (about Obama) even as MSNBC, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS have been repeatedly caught red-handed twisting the truth in his favor or ignoring it altogether when it served his purposes; 

.  The president has managed to vilify the makers, the doers, the successful achievers in America and made their opposites dependent on him and his Democrat Party in order to buy their votes with food stamps and by ending Bill Clinton’s “workfare”;

.  The president has denigrated the Second Amendment and defamed the National Rifle Association by seizing on every senseless murder to suggest guns are their cause at the same time he seems oblivious to the reality that most homicides are committed by criminals and that criminality is reduced in communities with an armed citizenry;  

.  The president’s signature Obamacare legislation has deprived Catholics of their First Amendment right to practice their religion and exercise their freedom of conscience as they see fit;   

.  The president has defied Congress’ constitutional authority to pass laws he is required to enforce by publicly refusing to defend the Defense of Marriage Act and by-passing the legislative branch with his executive order granting amnesty to certain illegal aliens;  

.  The president has engaged in virtual warfare against Arizona because that sovereign state insists on enforcing federal immigration laws the federals refuse to enforce;  

.  The president, after he “evolved” on the issue 6 months before Election Day, unilaterally granted homosexuals the legal right to marry one another and, by inference, for anyone to wed anyone or anything else, multi-wives, multi-husbands, gerbil or frog partners included;  

.  The president, technically half-white but who notably identified his race as “African-American” on the 2010 National Census, has actively discriminated against his white half through his black attorney general, Eric Holder who thinks white people are cowards and Black Panthers are babes in the woods. 

A Slave in Chains  Bumbling Joe Biden’s racist comment in Danville, VA that Republicans are planning to “put y’all back in chains” obviously referred to blacks being re-enslaved by the GOP.  That new low in the Democrat campaign is an absurdity on its face and overlooks the reality that Democrats have historically fought to deny civil rights to African-Americans and currently control blacks via economic slavery. 

Yes, indeed, Obama and his bumbling sidekick have accomplished a great deal in four years, none of it good.   If Barack and Joe are re-elected, America can expect more of the same, none of it good.  In that dismal eventuality, liberals would be ecstatic but it might be prudent for conservative Caucasians to learn how to defend themselves.   

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