Let’s Talk About Whose Blood Is On Whose Hands

J.J. Jackson | August 14, 2012 

So, according to liberals, Mitt Romney is an evil person because he once ran Bain Capital, said company once invested in a faultering steel plant, years later after Romney left Bain Capital the plant folded anyway (due in part to and unyeilding labor union), a certain member of that union was then without a job and health insurance, and then, even more years later, his wife died from caner even though she had health insurance of her own and never took her own health seriously enough to get checked out.  Ok, so this is the tortured logic the left has to use to make a left of center Republican look like a murderer?

Fine.  I up the ante.  Liberals are murders because of far fewwer steps and far fewwer fanciful leaps.

First of all, they are in favor of gun control and disarming law abiding citizens.  Criminals of course ignore these laws and shoot the still law abiding citizens who can no longer defend themselves in liberal havens such as New York City, Chicago, and Detriot to name only a few.

Second of all, they are in favor of abortion.  Abortion is the murder of innocent children while they are still in their mother’s wombs.  There is no debating this

Liberals, to asuage their guilty collective conscious, have to project the reality of their own beliefs upon others.  It’s a disgusting thing to watch.  But we will have to watch it, because liberals insist on doing it.

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