IMPORTANT: Have you seen our new ad?

Tea Party Express | August 12, 2012 

Have you seen our new TV ad for Tea Party candidate Mark Neumann?
Our new ad for Tea Party Express endorsed U.S. Senate candidate Mark Neumann is airing state-wide in Wisconsin.  We are making this race a priority as Mark is the best candidate to to take on the Democrats in November.
Much like Ted Cruz in Texas, Mark Neumann is the conservative Tea Party candidate taking on the establishment Republican candidate Tommy Thompson. The race is a dead-heat and we need your support score another win for the Tea Party movement!
In Wisconsin, with Mark Neumann we have an opportunity to pick up a seat, take control of the do-nothing Senate, and take the gavel out of Harry Reid’s hands. 
The election is only 3 days away! We need your support to keep this ad running state-wide in Wisconsin over the weekend and through election day.   This election is going to be close and your support will make a huge difference!                                                         
Mark earned the support of the Tea Party Express, and Tea Party members from every corner of Wisconsin, because he is the only one with a plan that cuts spending, balances the budget, and repeals ObamaCare. He understands that we must get back to Constitutional principles in Washington.  And, he is the one with the proven record of doing all this before.
Mark Neumann speaking at our Eau Claire, Wisconsin rally proudly sporting his NRA hat                                                         
Electing Mark Neuman is critical to our plan to take back the Senate.  Will you please join us in supporting conservative Mark Neumann?
Neumann understands the free market, job creation, and fiscal responsibility. We cannot continue down the path we are currently on; Neumann’s experience and committed pro-growth solutions that enhance individual liberty and responsibility are exactly what we need in the next U.S. Senator from Wisconsin.
Mark Neumann and his wife Sue being interviewed by Channel 27 news at our rally yesterday in Wisconsin
Wisconsin’s yearlong recall battle, which ultimately ended in a massive Tea Party victory galvanized the movement and created a powerful network that will be decisive in November. Neumann understands the grassroots and is ready to mobilize the vast network that is in place to insure a commanding November victory. We are going to do everything we can to help him secure the nomination and go on to win in November.
In 2012, we have an opportunity to take the U.S. Senate and remove the gavel from the hands of Harry Reid! In Wisconsin, we have the opportunity to send a TRUE fiscal conservative to the U.S. Senate – one that will fight for the people and will not be bullied by the D.C. insiders and party elders. Let’s take this opportunity by electing Mark Neumann to the U.S. Senate!
Take a stand in Wisconsin with Tea Party Express and help Mark Neumann! Donate what you can today. Click here to donate $10, $20, $50, $100, $500, $1000, or even more!


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