Help Us Prove Rachel Maddow WRONG!

The Campaign To Defeat Barack Obama | August 19, 2012 

Friends, do we ever need your help!  This week liberal MSNBC host, Rachel Maddow, has been on a campaign to smear and discredit Congressman Paul Ryan.

She began by proclaiming Paul Ryan’s selection to be the Republican Vice Presidential candidate a “baffling” choice that would lead the Republican ticket to defeat.  She then set out and did everything she could to make her prediction come true.  She was featured on Meet The Press where she accused Ryan of promoting “voodoo economics”:

She said Paul Ryan “repulsed” the American people, was not a fiscal conservative because of his respect for Ayn Rand, and said that Paul Ryan was an extremist who had waged a war against women.

Maddow grinned and gleefully reported on left-wing protesters who heckled Paul Ryan in Iowa (and rushed the stage he was speaking on) and said that this was further proof that Paul Ryan was destroying the Republican Party and the Romney presidential campaign:

Above: Left-wing protesters rush the stage Paul Ryan was speaking from.

Please, help us prove Rachel Maddow wrong and help us rally even more support behind Paul Ryan.  We are launching a massive TV ad campaign to Support Paul Ryan.  To fund this effort we put out the call this week for 1,500 patriots to contribute $100 or more to our TV ad campaign for Paul Ryan – and we’d love to see thousands of people step forward and make a contribution and show Rachel Maddow just how wrong and foolish she is!

Here’s the list of patriots who are helping Paul Ryan with a contribution of $100 or more.  You can add your name to this list by contributing $100 or more – HERE.

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