GO USA! Army Sgt. Wins Gold Again!

Move America Forward | August 8, 2012 

With the whole world watching the Olympic games in London, this is a perfect opportunity to recognize some amazing military athletes who not only serve in the Armed Forces, but are now competing to be the best in the world at the Olympics.


As we celebrate our Military Olympians, who can do such amazing things in their events, let us not forget the amazing things our troops overseas do every day in Afghanistan.

Our troops continue fighting the Taliban and Al-Qaeda despite the 110+ degree heat and diminishing media coverage about their efforts. They fight to make sure that Afghanistan never again becomes a safe haven and training ground for terrorist to plot attacks to kill American civilians – which is their aim!

Our fighting military will not receive media attention or acclaim for their heroic acts, but we will thank them with a care packages of support from home.

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In one bit of good news, our troops today killed a notorious terrorist leader and member of the dangerous Haqqani network!

NATO forces killed a local   commander for the Haqqani insurgent group in an airstrike in eastern   Afghanistan, the military alliance said Monday.

Sher Mohammad Hakimi was hit on Sunday in Logar province, the coalition said.

Hakimi was sitting under a tree with some associates when the NATO strike   killed him, said Logar province police chief, Raeis Khan Rahimzai. He said   four others were injured.

According to Rahimzai, Hakimi was known for organizing roadside bomb attacks   and for training insurgents. NATO said Hakimi transported weapons through the   region and served directly under Haqqani leader Muhammad Agha.


Our troops are still fighting a tough dug-in enemy! Send them some support in the form of a MAF care package! What better way to show our gratitude for the sacrifice our troops are making on our behalf?

MAF Care packages come with tons of goodies for our troops to enjoy!

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It may surprise some people, but there are actually many military veterans currently serving simultaneously in the US Army Marksmanship Unit and also on Team USA. Keep reading every day from now through the end of the Olympics as we bring you the stories of our Military Olympians and their impressive achievements both on and off the battlefield!

A fast-fingered 23-year-old Sgt.   Vincent Hancock shattered multiple Olympic records while staking his claim   for gold at the London Games on Tuesday even as other military athletes   suffered through the agony of defeat.

The   Fort Benning, Ga.-based Army Marksmanship Unit skeet shooter drilled 123 out   of 125 targets in his record-setting qualifier and then a perfect 25 in the   finals for another record and his spot at the top of the podium.

His score of 148 broke the Olympic skeet record of 145 he set en route to his   first Olympic gold at the 2008 Games in Beijing.

Hancock’s win also marks the first time an Olympic skeet shooter has nailed   back-to-back gold medals.


We’re celebrating military athletes who serve their country on the battlefield and as part of TEAM USA at the Olympic games.

While these Military Olympians deserve our praise and all the media coverage the Olympics brings, we can’t forget about the military heroes serving overseas.

Their feats on the battlefield often go unrecognized and are not covered by the media, but they are just as deserving of our praise and recognition as our Olympians.

We have over 90,000 troops still serving in Afghanistan and they need our support!


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This is still about the troops who are on the front lines fighting the Taliban and Al Qaeda. They are in harm’s way and they’re the troops we’re sending care packages to!

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