Cain on Boortz: A week’s worth of solutions to America’s problems

Cain Solutions Inc. | August 6, 2012 

It’s still the Neal Boortz Show – the new Herman Cain Show won’t debut until January – but it will be all Cain, all week, as Herman Cain guest-hosts for Neal for the next five days.


And you won’t want to miss a single day, because Mr. Cain plans to devote each show to one of America’s most crucial problems – along with a discussion of the solutions that can put our nation back on the right track.


Here is the rundown:


Monday: The nation’s economic stall, with no jobs being created and now real growth. We’ll discuss why businesses are reluctant to make major investments in growth, and what can be done about it.


Tuesday: Out-of-control federal spending. You can’t very well get your budget in order when you don’t even have one, and you can’t control spending when you refuse to restructure the fastest-growing expenditures in your budget (not that you have a budget, of course). We’ll look at how to get this one straightened out.


Wednesday: Taxes. It’s not for no reason that 9-9-9 resonated during Herman Cain’s presidential campaign! It’s everything the current tax code is not – simple, fair and growth-friendly. And it doesn’t present us with impending crises like TAXMAGEDDON. Also, we’ll have a very big announcement . . .


Thursday: Energy independence – it is within our grasp, but instead of smartly accessing our resources and turning them into the new currency that could lead us back to economic dominance, we are beating up oil companies, fighting positive developments like the Keystone XL pipeline and wasting money on “green energy” rip-offs. It’s time to get energy policy right.


Friday: We’ll go rapid-fire on Friday, looking at issues in national security, immigration and the state of our Constitution. By the time we’ve gotten through the week, we’ll have offered real solutions to America’s most pressing problems. Now we just need to elect leaders who are actually willing to fight for the solutions.


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9-9-9 The Book: Just what you need amidst election year posturing

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