URGENT: Joe The Plumber Needs Your Help!

Joe Wierzbicki | July 17, 2012 

This is an urgent message for you.
You remember Joe The Plumber (Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher) – the man who stood up to Barack Obama in 2008 about “spreading the wealth around.”
Now “Joe The Plumber” is taking on big government again – this time as a congressional candidate.  On March 6, 2012 he won the Republican nomination for Congress, and now faces Democrat incumbent Marcy Kaptur.  And Samuel Wurzelbacher needs our help right away.

Wurzelbacher’s campaign is being outspent by Democrat Kaptur’s campaign, and the Democrat Party is helping Kaptur raise all the money she needs.  Now it’s time for us to rally together to help “Joe The Plumber” fight back.  You can contribute to Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher’s campaign online – CLICK HERE to CONTRIBUTE.

We must win this race!  Marcy Kaptur is a radical leftist who is a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.  She has served in Congress for 30 years and is emblematic of everything that is wrong with our government that has racked up record deficits, and pushed for quasi-socialist policies that have grown the size of government, and eroded liberty and freedom.

Above: Obama + Kaptur campaigning together.

Not surprisingly, Marcy Kaptur voted for ObamaCare.  She voted for Cap & Trade.  She voted for Obama’s stimulus plan.

Marcy Kaptur represents everything that is wrong in Congress.  If we’re going to clean house in 2012 and have conservative majorities in both the Senate and the House, then we must defeat Marcy Kaptur.

Please, make the most generous contribution you can to Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher’s campaign for Congress.  He urgently needs our support ASAP.  You can contribute to his campaign by – CLICKING HERE.

You can learn more about “Joe The Plumber’s” campaign for Congress by visiting his website: http://www.joeforcongress2012.com/

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