The NASTIEST ad of the campaign cycle – guess who?

Amy Kremer | July 26, 2012 

It has been called the “nastiest ad of the campaign cycle” and can be attributed to our opponent David Dewhurst’s SuperPAC!

Dear Friends,

It is clear, the David Dewhurst campaign and its supporting SuperPAC are in a panic and desperate people do desperate things.  We have come to expect negative campaigning, but Dewhurst and his SuperPAC have reached a new all-time low.

The leading and well funded Dewhurst Super PAC—which is run by Dewhurst’s former chief of staff and campaign manager—just began airing a despicable, false ad accusing Tea Party candidate Ted Cruz of being responsible for the tragic suicide death of a young man.

Dewhurst is using the suffering of a grieving mother to try to blame Ted for the death of her son. But Ted had nothing—absolutely nothing—to do with the criminal proceedings surrounding that juvenile prison scandal, and Dewhurst knows it. The attack is a lie.
With the ad being delivered with only 6 days until the election, the Dewhurst campaign is counting on the fact that we do not have very much time to expose the lie and fight back.
We can’t let them get away with this!  Our ‘Tea Party Supports Ted Cruz’ ad could not have come at a better time.  Ted needs our help to combat the desperate and negative lies coming from the Dewhurst camp.
Our ad is currently running state-wide in Texas, but we need your immediate support to keep it playing over the weekend and through the election. DONATE NOW HERE                                                        

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