Scientology Exposed–Again!

Gene Lalor | July 9, 2012 

When W magazine interviewed Katie Holmes back in 2005 though the 26 year old didn’t jump on a couch, she was close to giddy over both her famous new beau, Tom Cruise, and her controversial new “religion,” Scientology. 

US magazine has referred to that interview as “infamous [and] creepy” and posted before-and-after photos of the actress which it described as “Katie’s shocking transformation during her marriage to Tom.”  

  Personally, I don’t regard the pictures as “shocking” at all, other than reflecting seven years of gentle maturation. 

However, what was creepily shocking was the fact Ms. Holmes was accompanied to the 2005 W sit-down by a  “Scientologist chaperone” with long-standing ties to Scientology, Jessica Rodriquez.  Ms. Rodirquez was not only present throughout the interview but at times audibly told the star what to say, such as prompting her to effuse about Cruise,”You adore him.” 

Holmes was also allowed to say, “You know, it’s really exciting.  I just started auditing [Scientology] . . . and I’m taking some courses, and I really like it. I feel it’s really helping. What I like about it is that, you know, I was raised Catholic, and you can be a Catholic and a Scientologist, Jewish and a Scientologist.” 

And maybe a Buddhist, Zoroastrian, and Muslim as well?

That odd interview and Holmes’ confusion as to what religion actually involves are testimony to the success of the “auditing process,” the lofty, esoteric goal of which, according to Scientology’s website, is ”to restore beingness and ability. . . accomplished by: (1) helping individuals rid themselves of any spiritual disabilities; (2) increasing spiritual abilities.” 

Auditing also serves to elicit every possible dirty and clean little secret from the audited victim, secrets, it has been alleged, that have often been used to attack apostates.

All in all, there is sufficient evidence that Scientology is much more a twisted, sinister cult than a bonafide religion.  It evokes comparisons to the Stepford Wives, visions of Jim Jones’ Kool-Aid, and the terror of Orwell’s Big Brother rather than to religion.    

Another woman, Kerry Hiatt, far less famous than Katie Holmes yet clearly more intelligent, recently substantiated that conclusion.  As opposed to Katie’s five years to wake up, it took only a day for Hiatt to realize Scientology was beyond scary. 

Invasive: The new Super Power Building of the Scientologists in Clearwater Florida  The UK’s Daily Mail published Ms. Hiatt’s article detailing her experience on July Fourth, 2012 as a prospective inductee at Scientology’s Clearwater, Florida headquarters after she received an invitation that touted the HQ as “the friendliest place in the whole world.” 

To put it mildly, she wasn’t nearly as giddy as Holmes and the headquarters turned out to be somewhat less than friendly.  

Hiatt was videotaped and monitored at every step of the induction process, including a sweaty “purification of toxins” in a sauna, being pinched ”hard–in some kind of strange lie-detector test” and enduring “an hour subjected to a grueling and invasive ‘personality’ test [that] revealed my deepest inner thoughts as if hypnotised.”

Instead of crossing the “Bridge To Total Freedom,” described by Scientology as a passage designed to ”bring one to the higher plateau,” Hiatt took her own passage to freedom by running out the door in a panic.  (

In a desperate attempt to appear mainstream, L. Ron Hubbard’s Church of Scientology routinely and vastly inflates its membership.  The number of committed adherents doesn’t even approach the claimed eight million worldwide and three and a half million in America, figures more accurately closer, respectively, to at most 200,000 and 25,000. 

  Hubbard, a failed U.S. Navy commander and a writer of pulp fantasy, scored big time with his creation which has attracted such entertainers as Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and Kirstie Alley to its fold.  That attraction that may be more reflective of their need for belonging and acceptance than of the validity of Scientology as a true faith.  Katie Holmes and Kerry Hiatt were fortunate to have escaped its tentacles while they had their sanity.  




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