Religion, Politics, and Pseudo-Religious Politics

Gene Lalor | July 4, 2012 

Along with politics, we speak and write about religion at our peril even though American politics and America’s religions are often inextricably intertwined, and they happen to be two of the most interesting subjects to argue about.

Constitutionally a secular nation, the United States nevertheless was founded on indisputable Judeo-Christian principles, principles rapidly eroding under the current administration.

Religion has been in the news a great deal during this general election year and not only in relation to Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith which has spawned vile, illiberal passions and attacks not seen since Roman Catholic Jack Kennedy ran for the presidency more than half a century ago. 

For what they’re worth, celebrity religious conflicts have also been in the news recently.

  Acting as if movie star divorces were unusual events, celeb-crazed media types have been all exercised over Katie Holmes startling announcement that she is dumping her hubby of 5 1/2 years, Tom Cruise, and taking their six year old daughter Suri with her. 

Of course, there’s more to that story than just another Hollywood split. 

Some mean-spirited people have hinted that Katie is divorcing Tommy because, as long rumored, the actor is a closet homosexual, a sexual aberration the actress should have noticed long before now–and before Suri.

Many others are pointing to Cruise’s  membership in the quasi-religious, ultra-mysterious Church of Scientology and his Scientologist indoctination of Suri as the cause.

Like the late comedian Jimmy Durante used to say, ”Everyone wants to get into the act!” especially when the act involves religion. 

Even eighty-five year old media mogul Rupert Murdoch weighed in on the breakup–on Twitter no less!  

The multi-billionaire tweeted, “Watch Katie Holmes and Scientology story develop.  Something creepy, maybe even evil, about these people” and Britain’s The Telegraph reported that Ms. Holmes is fearful of Scientologist spies stalking her since her announcement that she is divorcing her couch-jumping hubby.  (    

It all makes for great publicity, Hollywood’s life blood. 

Publicity is also the life blood of politicians, some of whom resort to  extremes when they’re running scared. 

Desperate for campaign money to defeat Governor Romney, President Barack Obama has been running very scared and has set records for fund raisers and for shameless pleas for donor cash. 

comes back. michelle obama  Apparently, that abject begging–plus acting like a carnival shill by selling overpriced mugs and tee shirts and $3. chances to dine with the First Couple at “his” White House–aren’t coming close to filling Obama’s campaign coffers so he has once again dispatched his lovely bride on the funding trail. 

No slouch when it comes to begging or spouting off, the FLOTUS is evidently as desperate as the POTUS as she envisions life without extravagant vacations and being treated like an empress. 

  Demonstrating her gall as well as her ignorance of Christianity and the principle of separation of church and state in America, a principle liberals hold sacred when it serves their purposes, Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama went so far last week as to blasphemously compare Barack Hussein Obama to Jesus Christ. 

More precisely, attempting to re-ignite the 2008 fraudulent illusion of Barack as the new messiah, the Anointed One, she proclaimed,  “This president has brought us out of the dark and into the light.”

Lady O. followed that outrage by brazenly politicizing religion when she told African-Americans at the AME’s 49th general conference in Nashville: “To anyone who says that church is no place to talk about these [political] issues, you tell them there is no place better–no place better.” 

See her possibly illegal campaign pitch in which she frequently adopts Barack’s penchant for addressing audiences with the phony, folksy term “folks”, for converting black churches into Democrat clubs:

And I always thought that Jesus Christ was the way, the truth and the light, that churches were meant to be places of worship not partisan political forums, and that “folks” were people you knew well, cared about, and would never milk for personal gain.  

Foolish me, as foolish as thinking the Affordable Care Act was unconstitutional.

Even though the ACA was passed with a straight Democrat vote and zero votes by Republicans and was recently narrowly declared a constitutional tax by the United States Supreme Court, the president’s socialistic health care scheme is still  billed by the administration as non-partisan as well as the greatest advance in medical care since the creation of the near-bankrupt Medicare and Medicaid programs.

Any number of Americans have taken issue with Obamacare, including Catholics who consider its mandates requiring them, directly or indirectly, to subsidize abortion, a horrific procedure Catholics consider “the greatest social injustice” imaginable.  

Others strongly object to Obamacare’s politically-motivated exemption of favored unions and industries and select religious groups such as the Amish while imposing its onerous and arbitrary mandates on Celia Bigelows’ Christian Scientists.  ( 

For that matter, why allow ANY government bureaucrats to dictate how, when, and where Americans’  medical treatment will be administered? 

For that matter, why would the media care about Katie and Tommy when they and the rest of the country should be focused on how political and economic considerations will determine whether they live or die?

For that matter, why is Obama’s mainstream media so committed to eviscerating religion that CNN’s sister station, HLN, would feature a stripper defending her lifestyle by ranting against the Catholic Church, the same church that serves as President Obama’s favorite whipping boy. 

Said stripper Joslyn Jones, who I would bet dollars to donuts is an Obama supporter, explained her position, so to speak, on HLN.

Jones said, ”How much nonsense and debauchery, and disrespect, and really underground, you know, seedy stuff goes on, that’s, the Catholic Church, you’re supposed to go to Church and everybody’s like oh I go to Church and I’m all prim and proper, sweet– it’s not really like that. Most stuff that goes on at church is dirtier than what goes on in strip clubs.”  (  

How’s that for mixing religion and politics and religious politics!  How’s that for proof that the results of the coming presidential election will be based not so much on qualifications as on debasing religion as a supplement to racist-baiting!

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