Rancid Muslim Odors Permeate the Case of Major Nidal Malik Hasan

Gene Lalor | July 24, 2012 

Many things stink in President Barack Hussein Obama’s administration and some of them stink to high heaven. 

The major stinkers include the sneaky passage of Obamacare under a Democrat cloak of secrecy and everything associated with that socialistic monstrosity, the blatant black racism in the Department of Justice, the stonewalling on the Fast and Furious debacle, and the president’s abject failure to lead us out of an endless recession in lieu of which he speechifies us into numbness. 

Obama’s misbegotten “cash for clunkers” scheme which cost taxpayers $24,000 per clunker qualifies as a relatively minor stinker but the matter of Nidal Malik Hasan has to be up there in the stinks to high heaven category and may yet evolve into the most obscene of all obscene Obamian travesties.   

Hasan nidal.jpg  Without mitigating the seriousness of the other political stinkers, an odoriferous smell permeates the case of US Major Nidal Malik Hasan, soldier, psychiatrist, Muslim–and alleged mass murderer who slaughtered more men and women at Fort Hood on November 9th, 2009 than James Holmes did in Aurora, Colorado on July 20th, 2012.

Major Hasan must be referred to as an “alleged mass murderer” under the American military justice system despite dozens of witnesses to his summary execution of 13 innocent victims, 14 if we include a pre-born baby, and wounding of 29 others at Fort Hood, Texas. 

Had Hasan been charged, tried, and convicted of such horrific crimes in a kangaroo Islamic court, he would have long since been beheaded, hanged by his privates, then disemboweled with his carcass tossed into pit filled with ravenous, rabid wolves. 

However, this is America. 

With the aid and comfort of the Obama administration which cowed Hasan’s superior officers into turning deaf ears and blind eyes toward their underling’s terrorist ties for fear of being accused of anti-Islamic bias,  Hasan has been milking our justice system for all it’s worth.  

At the same time, he and his free, government-appointed lawyers supplemented by volunteer Muslim  sympathizers have been delaying justice as well as affording an alleged mass murderer extended time to plead an indefensible case. 

The Hasan fix is in and it stinks to high heaven.

Our president laid the foundation for Hasan’s defense with his adamant refusal to admit that America is enmeshed in a decades-old war with Islamic terrorists as shown in his memorial speech following the Fort Hood massacre.  He attributed the shootings to wartime stress even though Hasan had never  served a day in armed battle. 

Besides, since a war against Muslim terrorists doesn’t exist, how could Hasan be a Muslim terrorist? 

Subsequently, Obama’s Department of Justice, America’s Department of Justice, provided Hasan with another out when it chose to describe his unprovoked mayhem at Fort Hood not as a clear instance of domestic Islamic terrorism but as an example of “workplace violence,” the equivalent of an overpaid USPS letter carrier going postal because his route was changed and he now had to deliver mail from a satchel instead of a truck. 

  Echoing Mohammad Atta’s war cry “Alahu Akbar” (Allah is great) as he crashed American Airlines Flight 11 into the World Trade Center’s North Tower on September 11th, 2001, Hasan, whose business card identified him as “a soldier of Allah,” delivered murderous mayhem upon his victims in that “workplace violence.”

Given the open and shut nature of the case against Hasan, why it has taken over 28 months for Obama’s government to bring the accused to trial would seem as much a mystery as Obama’s college transcripts, except that the Hasan case is not mysterious at all. 

Granted, Hasan was fortunately wounded and crippled before he could murder more innocents in the name of Allah’s “religion of peace” but is there another reason why justice has not been meted out to him? 

Last week, the American president with an Islamic middle name, a name he insisted be incorporated into his oath of office, commemorated the Muslim holiday of Ramadan as a time to “cherish family, friends, and neighbors, and to help those in need.” 

Barack Hussein Obama’s feelings for Islam are completely understandable.

Barack Hussein Obama: “What's  He was partly educated in an Indonesian madrassah, speaks Arabic, has bowed to Islamic potentates, has exuberantly praised Islamic contributions to world history, and has denied America is a Christian nation.   Obama committed a Freudian slip when he identified himself as a Muslim to George Stephanopoulis on national television, has never criticized worldwide Islamic violence, has never rebuked Islamic threats to annihilate Israel and the “Great Satan,” America, and his entire African family is Muslim. 

Most tellingly, the president has never declared the obvious, that Islam represents the greatest danger to us since Hitler and Tojo. 

An ostensible Christian whose Christianity has been suspect for years, our chief executive frequently observes religious events although he perfunctorily minimizes Christmas observances and equates the  central Christian holy day, Easter, with bunnies and colored eggs. 

the spirit of Islam in our  If he isn’t a Muslim, he’s the next worst thing.

A prediction: By virtue of a temporary insanity plea or some other ploy to save Nidal Malik Hasan from the gallows, he will not be found guilty of committing heinous mass murder and will either be exonerated on some legal technicality or given a suspended sentence. 

After all, Hasan is a Muslim and Islam is a “religion of peace” so how could he be guilty as charged?  It’s just too bad for James Holmes that he’s not a Muslim or he, too, could get away with murder.

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