Obama Has Lied to Us For Years About Jobs Reports!

Warner Todd Huston | July 13, 2012 

Once again we get a dismal jobs number from our government. So few jobs were created that we aren’t even keeping up with population growth! And once again Obama tells us not to pay any attention to those numbers.

Pay no attention to the man behind that curtain!

What is it they say in Obama’s world? Tell a lie loud enough and long enough and it becomes fact? This must be the President’s mantra at least where it concerns the importance of the dismal jobs numbers we’ve seen over  the last four years. OIW notes that over the last 41 months of stagnant employment numbers hovering near 8 percent Obama has told us not to pay any attention to those bad jobs reports over and over and over again.

Like the perpetually frightened Wizard of Oz, Obama uses his bully pulpit to warn us to “pay no attention to the jobs report behind that curtain.” After all the billions he spent on “stimulus”, just look at the lies, won’t you? (These all from the White House website, too)

How many times can you take being lied to by your President, America?

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