Coup de Tat — American Style? … J. D. Longstreet

J.D. Longstreet | July 9, 2012 

Coup de Tat -- American Style?
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

There is a deep feeling of unease in America today.  That is especially so among those of us who keep and eye and an ear on the secretive power hungry Obama Administration. 

Things are happening within the Obama Administration that should cause American's to sit up and take notice.  Many have.  But not enough, not nearly enough.

Over the weekend the conservative side of the blogosphere was abuzz with concern over Obama's most recent Executive Orders.

Alan Caruba's "Executive Tyranny" hit the Internet as a bomblet then exploded into a full-sized bombshell explosion as it raced through the binary code scorching its way onto news sites, blog sites and into in-boxes.  If you haven't read it we recommend you do so right away. You will find it at:

Then, early Sunday morning, the Drudge Report posted a notice of yet another Obama Executive Order which in effect gives the President the power to take control of all modes of communications within America.  If you haven't read the report on the newest Executive Order, may we suggest you read the text at the government's website here:
This is all very troubling, coming as it does just weeks before the most important election in the history of America.

It has the hallmark of a massive power grab by Obama and his cadre of socialist/Marxist apparatchiks within the American government. It looks, for all the world, like a quiet take-over of the government of the United States -- a quiet coup de tat --American style.   

These moves by Obama are MASSIVE in size and scope and will affect every single American in ways a formerly free American citizen cannot grasp.

In his article, Mr. Caruba says:  "Obama is putting in force everything a tyranny requires to replace the Republic."

The power of the Presidential Executive Order, in our opinion, is being abused by President Obama.  The executive orders we noted above give the President the power to literally take-over the country (including all modes of  communications) and rule it as a one man government ... dare we say it ... as a dictator.   With the stroke of the Presidential pen the American Republic could be wiped out and in its place a new Socialist/Marxist dictatorship with Obama as the American "strongman" at the top.

Before you dismiss this as just another conspiracy theory, do a bit of research. 

Don't count on the mainstream media to inform you about any of this.  They are known to be "in the tank" for Obama and news that will shine anything but flattering light on their Supreme Leader will not make it into the pages of their publications nor into any of the blocks of their TV news shows.  So, dear reader, you are on your own.

These are perilous times for America.  A country is at its most vulnerable when it finds itself in economic conditions such as America is enduring today.  People become desperate and they do desperate things.  Note how history records the ease with which Hitler came to power in Germany during a period of  desperate economic times in that country.

There are always men of great ambition willing to use a crisis to their advantage.  Remember: "Never let a crisis go to waste?" There are always men who believe they are the smartest and strongest among us and, somehow, (in their warped minds) they believe it is their fate in life to step in and take over and set things aright.  Often those people are insane.        

They are dangerous people.  Such leaders have cost millions of lives, destroyed countries and  continents, right up to their last breath.  And it is still happening today.  

Americans have gone to war on more than one occasion to stop such men and liberate their enslaved people. Never did Americans think it could happen to a country so blessed as America.

But it can -- and it may be happening right before our eyes.

The American form of democracy, the American constitutional representative republic, was created for an honorable people.  The Founders knew it could not survive otherwise.  Unfortunately, honor is not one of the virtues in vogue in America these days,  In fact, it is not even understood among most of America's citizens in the twenty-first century.  It is a code of conduct forgotten in a world driven by instant gratification, greed, and narcissism.

The men who founded this nation and drew-up the founding documents were honorable man and it never occurred to them that Americans would ever elect men without honor to high offices in the land.  But, as we now know, they were wrong.

As a result, Americans are facing a threat to their freedom, their liberty, and their country.

At the risk of sounding trite:  WAKE-UP, AMERICA!  Reclaim your destiny as a free people.  Reclaim your birthright of liberty.  Reclaim your country.

If we can manage to wrest control of our government from the grasp of the social progressives now suffocating freedom and liberty in America, we stand a chance at restoring American freedom.  If we fail, I see no future for a free America.

Much of the "free" is now gone from the "land of the free."  But how much "brave" is left in the "home of the brave?"  I ask, because it is going to take courage to confront the power hungry leftists.   Battle lines are drawn from City Hall to the White House.  No matter where you are in America -- you are on the front lines.     

 Will  freedom loving Americans bolt in retreat or stand and fight?  That is the determining question.  What will we do?  What will YOU do?

If we are lucky, we have until November to decide to reclaim our birthright.  Even if we try and fail it will have been worth it.  Freedom is always worth the price.  ALWAYS.

J. D. Longstreet 

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