UPDATE: Bill Clinton Campaigns for RECALL Today

The Campaign To Defeat Barack Obama | June 3, 2012 

With polls showing a tightening in the RECALL race, Democrats have dispatched none other than Bill Clinton to rally the liberal base to ensure maximum turnout in Tuesday’s RECALL election.

Clinton is campaigning today in Milwaukee for Democrat Tom Barrett.

We must give it our all to close out this campaign as strong as possible – there will not be an opportunity for a “do-over.”  We either win this or lose this campaign within the next 4 days.

HEROES LIST:  We will also be posting an updated list of great patriots who are able to support this effort by making a contribution of $200 or more tomorrow.  To make a contribution of $200 or more – JUST CLICK HERE.

Contributor's website: http://www.campaigntodefeatobama.com

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