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Cain Solutions Inc. | June 3, 2012 

Dear Patriot,
Do you know the difference between liberals and conservatives? Conservatives make decisions based on facts, while liberals make decisions based on emotion. Liberals desperately want to believe that America isn’t facing the crisis that the facts clearly show we are. Our debt is placing us in great peril, but it doesn’t have to be this way. There are solutions if we will just have the courage to confront how serious the situation is – and adjust course. The government must restructure its functions – like the tax-code, Medicare, and Social Security – or face drastic, painful cuts that could even lead to civil unrest, like in Greece.
It is not that hard to understand that our more than 80,000-page tax code is a huge part of the problem, and that our monetary policy is wreaking havoc on the economy. But it isn’t enough to just identify the problems. We need solutions, and I am proud to present solutions in my new book, 9-9-9 An Army Of Davids.
This book answers the concerns of the American people with specificity and detail. These are serious proposals for serious problems, and we need the American people to inform themselves on serious policy ideas so that we as a nation can unite to protect the American dream for our children and grandchildren!
You can buy your copy of 9-9-9 An Army of Davids by clicking here.
Will you consider giving this book to like-minded people you know? We want to make sure that every library and every university has a copy of this book, because our ideas are crucial if we hope to advance the debate beyond the same old partisan rhetoric. For every 50 books that are sold, we will donate one to a library or university. We have hundreds of thousands of opportunities to help educate people and we need your help!
You can get your copy of 9-9-9 An Army of Davids for just $19.99, or you can get a signed copy for just $99.99 by clicking here.
Thank you for making a difference!

Herman Cain

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