DISGUSTING: Liberals Smear Scott Walker With Awful, False Attack

The Campaign To Defeat Barack Obama | June 5, 2012 

We’ve been warning everyone that the Left will sink to any level to try to win this RECALL election fight, and yesterday they proved those words to be oh so true.
In a shameful, disgusting and last minute smear effort, Democrat operatives rolled out accusations by a University of Minnesota left-wing professor named Bernadette Gillick.  She claims that while in college at the University of Marquette she came to meet Scott Walker, and that Walker knocked up her best friend and then went on to abandon both her friend and his “love child” while urging the woman to get an abortion.
The only problem – it is all absolutely untrue.  Totally and completely made up.  But the whole point of the smear wasn’t to tell the truth, it was a desperate effort to find some way… any way… that the Left could try to taint Governor Walker in the final hours before polls open in the RECALL election.  And so all the left-wing news outlets and blogs advanced this false story throughout the day yesterday:

And so you fully understand why the liberals were engaging in this behavior, consider this.  On the left-wing site, DailyKos, members there were organizing efforts to go out on blogs and websites, pretending to be Republicans, and then announcing their condemnation of Gov. Walker for these manufactured and fabricated acts of wrongdoing.
This is why we need to be prepared to run up as large of a vote total as possible for Scott Walker tomorrow.  The liberals are going to lie, cheat and steal.  They are going to attempt to engage in voter fraud if they can get away with it.  They have already spent several hundred thousand dollars in legal work and grassroots training to tell people who are not eligible to vote in tomorrow’s elections how they can get around the rules and still vote.

Again, as we’ve been saying for the past few weeks – we have to run as if we are 5% behind in the polls, so as to have enough of a margin to overcome any funny business by the Democrats.

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