Defeating Obama

David L Lamon | June 29, 2012 

The biggest threat in my opinion of Obama retaking the White House lies in the Hispanic/Asian community. Some might think these people can’t handle the truth but I disagree strongly; at least with those that are qualified legal citizens and that should be the focus of the following. For that reason, we need hundreds of people going to and speaking to the Hispanics/Asians that are qualified citizens of America. To start we ask, “Did you come here to help circumvent the same despotism you ran away from or for a better way of life?” We must remind them of why they came here in the first place, which is to escape the despotic corruption of the governments they were being ruled by. I think it is fair to say most of the legal/illegal immigrants came for the opportunity to live a much better prosperous life than they had where they came from knowing there was zero chance of ever being able to use their creative genius under those dictatorships.

They must be given the close parallels of their former regimes to the one in the White House now that is doing his utmost to bring Americans under the same dictatorships they escaped. After over three and one-half years of Obama we now have plenty of examples to give them to draw the close parallel.

There will be millions of votes cast by the Hispanic/Asian community and many will be illegally done so we must reach the legal citizen with the facts about their future if they vote for Obama.

We can’t hope to get the majority of the Latino/Asian vote but by doing this we can definitely cut into it enough to offset his gains. There really are Hispanics/Asians that see this for what it is and they too feel threatened by the overwhelming infiltration of our border. They find themselves competing for the available resources that include jobs with all these new illegal arrivals.

If you feel this is the right approach then by all means please pass this on to all others until the message gets to the right people.
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