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Cain Solutions Inc. | June 16, 2012 

Dear Patriot,

Of course you know that we are fans of Herman Cain, but we wanted to share with you another perspective on the man – and on his mission of restoring American prosperity and greatness – offered by a publisher who spent time with him last week at CPAC Chicago.

Lawrence Sinclair of LS News Group has written an extensive piece discussing Herman Cain’s unique leadership qualities after meeting him at the event. We particularly appreciated his affirmation of the work being done by Cain Solutions, and his advice to the Republican Party in this crucial election year:

“One thing is certain: Gov. Romney; CPAC; and the RNC might take notice in the fact Herman Cain can help the GOP win in 2012.”

That’s what it’s all about. As Herman Cain constantly emphasizes, we must defeat Barack Obama this year. Your support of our efforts positioned us to help Gov. Scott Walker win last week in Wisconsin, and it’s helping us to raise up conservative candidates all across the country who are committed to cutting spending, replacing the tax code, getting rid of crushing regulations, achieving sound money and repealing ObamaCare.

But our greatest weapon is Herman Cain himself, and his ability to connect with a different category of voters. Already this year, Mr. Cain has made numerous appearances on college campuses – challenging young voters would would normally vote Democratic to consider the facts. He connects with the people because he understands them. The more you support our efforts, the more we can put Herman Cain and his powerful message in front of the voters Barack Obama desperately needs – but that we are not going to let him have.

Sinclair’s summation of what Herman Cain is bringing to grassroots conservatism is spot-on, and there’s no doubt that his work bringing the voice of the people to the highest levels of political debate has been indispensible to our movement. But in order for Mr. Cain to take our message to an even wider audience, we the people must make our voice heard.

By donating $50 or $100 today, you are not only making a strong statement in favor of a simplified tax code, energy independence and a prosperous economy, you are also voicing your solidarity with the millions of patriots who stand with Mr. Cain’s campaign to put the people back in American politics.

Herman Cain is committed to see through what he started last year – the quest to defeat Barack Obama. I know you share in that commitment, which is why I urge you to contribute whatever you can afford to the cause today.

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