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Cain Solutions Inc. | May 28, 2012 

Dear Patriot,


Do you sense that something special is happening in this country? Support for limited government looks to be on the rise in Wisconsin. The Obama campaign’s attempts to attack free-market capitalism are falling flat. We’re encouraged! But we’re not taking anything for granted. From the Wisconsin stretch run to new candidates adopting the 9-9-9 Economic Growth and Job Creation plan, we’re working hard to put these principles into action every day to solve this nation’s most pressing problems.


Every dollar you contribute helps us to get closer to that goal, so we thank you and encourage you to keep up your support – even as we pledge to work harder than ever to achieve success!


Victory is Within Reach in Wisconsin


The polls in Wisconsin are encouraging for supporters of Gov. Scott Walker, with one this week showing him with a 12-point lead as we approach the June 5 recall election forced by backers of public employee unions in the state.


We’re feeling confident, but we’re taking nothing for granted. That’s why we’ve offered our support to Gov. Walker, particularly in the form of two videos we’ve produced that make the case what’s really at stake in Wisconsin.


You can see them by clicking the images below:


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Don’t underestimate what’s at stake in Wisconsin. Gov. Walker got the state’s fiscal house in order by finally standing up to public employee unions and putting their benefits in line with what private-sector workers make. In response to this, Wisconsin liberals went into a meltdown. Democrats in the State Senate actually fled the state – holing up at a hotel in Illinois – in an attempt to prevent a quorum and stop a final vote on the bill.


Protests by union supporters turned ugly, and of course the unions sought their revenge on Walker by collecting enough petition signatures to schedule a recall election. The polls don’t suggest that the people as a whole agree with the union agenda. They suggest the people appreciate Walker’s leadership and commitment to fiscal responsibility.


But nothing’s official until the June 5 recall election. Your financial support will help us to continue our backing of Gov. Walker as we head up to that crucial day. Thank you for standing with us in support of liberty and good government!


Forbes Reviewer Loves 9-9-9: An Army of Davids


Columnist Charles Kadlec this week offered an insightful review of Herman Cain’s new book, co-authored by Rich Lowrie, 9-9-9: An Army of Davids.


Among Kadlec’s comments was this observation:


“In one of the most entertaining parts of the book, the authors capture the craziness of the current floating, paper dollar by asking the reader to imagine what the world would be like if the government could change daily the number of minutes in an hour.  Life would be chaotic. But soon, the private sector would create an entire ‘chaos industry’ to help us cope with the uncertainty of time, just as we now must cope with the uncertainty of the value of the paper dollar.  Before you know it, established media and intellectuals would be “singing the praises of a floating hour and opine on the downright restrictive nature of the old barbaric system” under which people would be expected to arrive to meetings on time!


“In a more serious vain, the benefits of a dollar as good as gold are reported:  Higher economic growth, lower unemployment, stable prices, rising real wages and living standards, a less cyclical economy, and virtually no financial crises.  The myths used by the defenders of the paper dollar also are dispelled, most importantly including the charges that the gold standard ‘caused’ the Great Depression, that it would restrict the ability of the economy to grow, and empower Wall Street and financiers to the disadvantage of Main Street and American families.”


We agree with Mr. Kadlec – of course! But so have many of you who have told us how much you’ve enjoyed and appreciated the book. Have you ordered your copy yet? You can do so here.


Cain, Luntz and Hannity take center stage for election special


Herman Cain appeared Friday on a special edition of “Hannity” on Fox News Channel tonight. Along with host Sean Hannity, Cain joined popular political consultant and pollster Frank Luntz as they interacted with a focus group of Republican and Democratic voters.



A highlight of the lively hour, after listening to some impassioned back-and-forth about Mr. Cain’s perspective on the nation’s economy, came when Cain aptly pointed out that the remarks were based on emotion, and not fact. He emphasized how important it is to have facts when we head to the ballot box this fall!


Coming Up This Week


Herman Cain will be filling in for Neal Boortz on Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., and as always, you can hear him guest on the Boortz from 10:30 to 11 a.m. this Friday. (The show will be off for the Memorial Day holiday.)


We’ll let you know about other bookings as they happen. Have a great Memorial Day!



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